Another Madrid-Family Wedding Coming Up Soon

Nancy and I are absolutely delighted that our son Timothy recently got engaged to the lovely Nina Pezzutti, and they’ll be getting married on February 14, 2009, at our parish, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Columbus, Ohio. Tim and Nina met and fell in love last fall — of all places, after Mass at St. Pat’s. That’s also where Tim proposed to Nina, so it’s very fitting that they’ll celebrate the sacrament of holy matrimony there, as well.

The more Nancy and I have gotten to know Nina, the more we love her and look forward to her becoming a Madrid. The beauty part about it is that her family is from Columbus, too, and she and Tim will be living about half an hour from our home. And you know what that means. Once the pitter patter of little feet starts up in their house (which, judging from typical Madrid history, will not take very long), we’ll be able to enjoy even more grandchildren up close and personal. Thanks be to God!

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