By the Time I Get to Phoenix . . .

I never know anymore when it’s useful to use song title puns, as so many folks nowadays (i.e., my kids ages — the oldest is 27) simply haven’t heard some of the old AM-radio standards that Nancy and I grew up on. So, the above is a shot in the dark.

Anyway, I’m checking a few last-minute e-mails before I head to the airport for a trip to Phoenix, where I’ll be visiting and working for a few days with my friend Father Bud (on what I am not yet at liberty to tell you, but it does not have anything to do with collaborating on more song title puns).  Lots of good things will come of it, I hope and pray. Hey, if any of you who read this would be willing to pray for a special intention of mine, it would be: May what I’m working on with Father Bud will succeed and accomplish what we hope to do. All for the greater glory of God. Thanks.

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