This Should Give Us Even More Pause

Of course, we all know that things seem to be sliding in the direction of a “New World Order” in which a global leader could arise and exert control (Hmm. I seem to have read something about that in Scripture somewhere.), but I have never seen anything like this. Not even John F. Kennedy received international adulation on this level. He was popular in some places, for sure, but he didn’t stir emotions or cause people to swoon with desire to follow him the way our new Lider Maximo does. 

I’ve been asking myself why he does.  I don’t understand it. But this strange phenomenon is real, and who can tell where it will lead.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t think he has the entrancing effect on the average citizen that the media would led us to believe. He does have a hook on Hollywood and the ABC, CBS, NBC folks and Sean, Rush and Michael would have us believe that everyone is mesmerized, but I’m just not seeing it. What I’m seeing are a bunch of citizens in a panic over the economy and “global warming” who are poorly educated and not capable of logical thought, thanks to our public schools, or who are tickled with the thought they are open minded enough to vote for a minority. Historically the country votes out the incomint party by a land slide when the country is in just the type of situation it’s in now.Foreign leaders who may be enraptured by him are just excited to see that America will probably be vacating her role as a super power under Obama’s “rule.” He’s not the anti-Christ, but we will be sweating out his reign.

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