Genesis 19:1-29 on My Mind

I grew up in Mission Viejo, a great town in sunny Southern California. My younger sister Mary still lives there with her husband Joe and their three kiddos. This morning, she sent our family members this video, which provides a glimpse of the seething rage among many of the foes of Proposition 8.

Mary wrote, “I am sure you are all aware that California had Prop. 8 on the ballot during this past election.  ‘Yes’ on 8 meant a ban on same-sex marriage. This was an ugly battle this year, and we saw many demonstrations for and against Prop. 8. Personally, Joe and I had two ‘Yes on 8’ signs stolen from our front yard.  Thank God it passed but, unfortunately, over a week later there are still many violent and destructive protests occurring. This news video is not uncommon to what we have seen out here in the past few weeks.  These are scary times.”

Watch the hatred from these men as they scream and rage at an elderly woman who calmly defies them. Then ask yourself what planet the news anchor dude has been living on for him to be able to ludicrously pronounce at the end of the clip that there is “a lot of hate on both sides.” Both sides? I saw plenty of hatred in this video, but it was coming from one side in particular. You be the judges.

And then go check out Genesis 19:1-29.


  1. boopsisland

    Patrick thanks for all your insights, this video really gave me the creeps. Lets all pray and stay strong. Love your magazine!

  2. Anonymous

    Hate on both sides??? If I disagree with you it means I hate you? This is scarry stuff! God bless that woman for having the nerve to stand up for marriage at that rally.

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