Confessions of a Former Contracepter

LittleDeb recently started following this blog, so I did what I do when each new person graciously signs up as a follower (my thanks to you all), I visited her blog, Confessions of a Former Contracepter, and found it very thoughtful.

I hope she won’t mind my drawing a little attention to it and suggesting that you go read her posts on this hugely important and widely misunderstood issue that affets most marriages today. Here’s a little sampling from her post titled “Contraceptive Thinking Takes Over”:
So what really happened to make this thinking take over? I have some ideas, but I’m not sure I am willing to definitively state them as fact. They are working theories. The first and foremost is the change in believing that having children is a privilege to the belief that having children is a right. Because the converse is also true, that thinking NOT having children was a privilege before to thinking that NOT having children was a right. That is where contraception made its early inroads. The targets of the first contraception clinics were the poor, the under-privileged. The message drummed into their heads was that fewer children meant more prosperity. The fact that a simple reading of world history proves that untrue did not sway the march.

“What the original contraceptionists sought was a reduction in the poor by merely ‘un-breeding’ them out of existence. That is still the stance. It is still touted that ‘the poor woman doesn’t need another baby.’ I mean that statement alone just confuses me. Is it like she is going out and aquiring another handbag and heels? I mean is the baby her possession? It seems to be that many think so. Because to view something as a ‘right’ means you hold it as something you possess. I have the right to life, liberty, and the pusuit of happiness. No matter what ever happens to me I possess those rights. Even if someone seeks to remove them, they can’t. I own them just because I exist.”

Very insightful. Thanks, LittleDeb!

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