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Time has flown by since I started hosting the Thursday edition of EWTN Radio’s “Open Line” broadcast (every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern). My three-year anniversary is next month, which means 150+ shows have come and gone. Whew!

Happily, EWTN archives all the shows in the radio section of their website, and I’ve gathered the links to all the shows from 2008 here. You can download them to your computer or i-Pod and listen when it’s convenient. Enjoy.

What a fun and interesting ride it has been for me, and hopefully for my listeners. I’m grateful to EWTN for inviting me to host the show, and I also owe a debt of thanks to my friend Marcus Grodi, who had hosted the show before me. He asked me to take over when he decided to launch his very successful “Deep in Scripture” radio show.

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  1. rjhansen

    My wife and two kids aged 11 and 13 were received into the Church at Christmas in 2003. A large part of our conversion was watching and listening to EWTN and reading many books including several of yours. My wife and I still enjoy listening to your Thursday program and learning more about our faith. I especially enjoy downloading the program to listen at a more convenient time. Keep up the good work!

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