“Loyal, Lame, Defiant, and Demonic”

That’s how Fr. Dwight Longenecker classifies the 5500+ e-mails that Fr. Jay Scott Newman, (pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Greenville, SC) received in the wake of his courageous statement regarding those Catholics who supported pro-abortion politicians in the election and their need to repent and go to confession.

Fr. Longenecker, an assistant priest at St. Mary’s, chronicles the aftermath of that statement, including the “loyal, lame, defiant, and demonic” comments that it drew. 

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  1. Brennan

    God Bless Fathers Newman & Longenecker… There reward shall certainly be in Heaven. The Apostles, and Christians throughout the ages have been persecuted & killed for proclaiming truth, and there's no reason to think it should get any better. We are in for more, I think, than most would like to acknowledge. God Bless us all…

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