This Is Exactly Why the Envoy Institute Was Established

Since some of you have children in college or you have high-schoolers who will soon be headed to college (or both), I thought it would be helpful to post a link to this article, which came out a couple of years ago but is still just as important as ever for parents to read and think carefully about.

It would be a true spiritual work of mercy for you to share this article with any Catholic parents you know who are or will be sending their own kids to college. I’d suggest e-mailing th link or printing out the article and sharing it.

The problems this report identifies are precisely why the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey, which I am privileged to oversee, was set up, under the auspices of a very good Catholic school: Belmont Abbey College. You can read more here and here about the Institute’s mission to help high-school and college-age Catholics remain strong in their Faith and do their part to lead their peers out of the darkness of relativism and hedonism and into the light of Truth. 

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