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Post a comment to let me know if you prefer the wider format for this blog, or the more narrrow version I’ve been using recently. I see pros and cons each way, but since this place is for you, please let me know which style you prefer. Thanks.

BTW, don’t forget: To post and read comments, you must click the post title. (Clunky, I know, but it’s a glitch in Blogger that I and my techy friends haven’t yet figured out how to fix.)


  1. skeeton

    Pat, I read your blog in Google Reader so your formatting does not impact the way I see your posts. I imagine that most readers will be in the same boat. Keep up the good work!

  2. Adoro

    I like the present format….if you go with a wide format, I’ll have to scroll back and forth in order to read it. That gets annoying really quick!

  3. Patrick Madrid

    Thanks, you too. I appreciate the feedback.Actually, this is the wide format.

  4. heddredd

    I think wide format is better. It makes the blog text more prominent, instead of just one of many columns on the site. I’d suggest also making the blog text font size a smidge larger.One thing that is difficult about commenting is that you have to “Select profile…” I’m not sure what that means. I’ve never seen that, and if you’re reading this it means that I’ve somehow managed to negotiate past that cumbersome obstacle.Mike B

  5. Majordomo

    The wide format works for me.

  6. Patrick Madrid

    Mike, I am still struggling to find a way for the comments to display normally, as they do on other blogs. But for the time being, till I can find a work-around, I’m sorry for the cumbersome way they function now.

  7. marymh

    Narrow format, please. I find narrow columns of text easier to read on the screen.

  8. heddredd

    Patrick, I understand. I’ve heard blogger.com is frustrating to work with, and your experience confirms it. I’ve just never seen the “Select Profile…” thing on a blog. I suppose a lot of spammers will dump on the comments section of blogs, so I suppose I understand why it’s there.Mike B

  9. Pieta

    Definately the wide format because you can be “Just another guy with a wide format blog. Thats a big whoop.”

  10. Esther

    Mr. M., I think I liked it the way it was.

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