Oh Good Lord, No

One can just imagine the gloating among all those Catholics of a certain variety as our new Líder Maximo selects a Catholic — Tom Daschle, who countenances abortion with weasle words — for his cabinet Secretary of Health and Human Services. Now comes word from the Jesuit publication America — read into that what you will — that some voices on the Catholic left are clamoring for another kind of appointment. And I wouldn’t be surprised if their wish comes to pass. 

In another display of smug condescencion from the far-left political fringe, someone named Michael Sean Winters elbows his way into the discussion with asseverations (emphasis added) such as these in his article “Kmiec for Vatican Ambassador”

Obama deserves his own person at the post and, in the event, there is a perfect candidate: Professor Douglas Kmiec. . . .  Despite his Republican credentials, Kmiec endorsed Barack Obama this year and penned a thoughtful book, ‘Can a Catholic Support Him? The question is ridiculous to most ears and, in the event, most Catholics did support him. But for some extremists on the right, there was a firm conviction that no Catholic could vote for Obama. A Dominican priest even denied Kmiec communion at a Mass in May. (The priest was later reprimanded by Cardinal Mahoney.) [N.B. see Ezekiel 34:1-10] Longtime associates of Professor Kmiec denounced him, often in ways that lacked all charity, suggesting bad logic or bad motives or both. There is no better way to answer those who argued that no Catholic could vote for Obama in good conscience than to see the man who wrote the book (literally!) defending the proposition that Catholics can and should vote for Obama being received in the Sala Clementina by Pope Benedict XVI! . . . In truth, Kmiec’s pro-life credentials, despite some carping from the far right political fringe, are impeccable. . .” et cetrera, et cetera, et cetera.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Winters and those who agree with him on this issue enjoy their day in the sun. I really don’t think the nice weather is going to last all that long.  

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  1. Paul, just this guy, you know?

    Kmiec has spent the past nine months giving cover to liberals who, for whatever reason, what to pretend to be Catholic while claiming to be somehow pro-life and still vote for Democrats.Douglas Kmiec owns the Freedom of Choice Act. On my blog, it’s the “Douglas Kmiec Freedom of Choice Act.” I hold Kmiec, and Nick Cafardi, and the crew at Vox Nova, and all the rest of the Catholic left directly responsible for the entirety of the president-elect’s anti-life agenda.After spending so much time and effort to persuade Catholics to vote for Obama, Kmiec, and all the other “Catholic” pro-Obama voices now have the responsibility to persuade their fellow Democrats to be pro-life. If, that is, these people are even a fraction so pro-life as they claim. I have yet to see a single word written in such an effort, and the lack causes me to be increasingly doubtful of their claims.

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