The Prophecies and Dreams of St. John Bosco

The great Italian priest, St. John Bosco (founder of the great Salesian order of priests an brothers), experienced many prophetic dreams and visions, some relating to his own era, others involving future events.

I recommend reading two in particular: his chilling dream of souls entering hell and his famous dream about the two pillars, the persecution of the Church, and the apparent assasination of a future pope. The former dream is perennially beneficial, I think, and the latter dream is a glimpse of dramatic future events.

Sometimes, I am inclined to wonder if are entering into or . . . gulp . . . already are in the dire times he foresaw. 

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  1. heddredd

    “A frightful toad seemed bent upon devouring me…..”That’s weird. If someone told me they had a prophetic dream and it began like that, I would have a hard time stopping laughing.Trouble is, Bosco lead such an exceptional life. It’s hard to discount what he saw in his visions, toad and all…

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