Women Tells of Stolen Babies

A 22 year-old Romanian woman is weeping – my visit, and request for an interview with Tatya, which is not her real name, brings back terrible memories. 

After she has recovered her composure she tells me how nearly two years ago she was stopped in the street and offered the chance to leave her small, impoverished village behind. 

A youth, who she knew quite well, told her he knew people who could find her well-paid work in Italy. 

It was, he said, the chance of a lifetime for her. He was lying. 

A month later, Tatya recalls, she was smuggled into Italy by sea and then forced to work in a brothel to make money to pay for the trip. 

She became pregnant a few months later, and was taken to be examined by a man claiming to be a doctor, she says. 

He confirmed she was five months pregnant. Three months later, she recalls, she was brought back to the same man who induced her to give birth. 

Tatya says her baby was born without any apparent problems and seemed well. 

But before she even had the chance to hold him or even look at him properly, they took him away. “I remember just seeing his body. He was alive though,” Tatya said. 

She was never to see him again. 

Two weeks later, Tatya says, she was put back on the streets and told to continue selling herself for sex. 

Within two months she was pregnant once more and the same gruesome ordeal was replayed again, she says. 

After carrying the child for eight months the birth was induced and the baby taken away from her within seconds of being born. 

She pleaded with the men to tell her what they had done with this baby and the one before him. 

“They told me that the babies had died but they were not telling me the truth, I know,” Tatya said. 

“I think that my babies were taken for their organs or to be sold. I don’t know for sure, but one of these things.” 

Within a fortnight of giving birth to the second baby, Tatya says she was again put back on the streets to work as a prostitute. . . . (
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