Ignorance and Arrogance Make for an Unflattering Combination

Terre Haute Tribune-Star columnist Stephanie Salter personafies this combo with her inane article A Catholic priest is about to be excommunicated; guess why”.

This is my letter to the editor about this article:

“Stephanie Salter’s article, ‘A Catholic priest is about to be excommunicated . . .’ was truly a bold, fresh, piece of foolishness, even by her standards.
It seems clear that she has no idea why the Catholic Church teaches what it does about the sacrament of holy orders (reading Pope John Paul II’s document ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis,’ which is available in English at the http://www.vatican.va website, would be a good start). Nor does she seem to understand what ‘Liberation Theology¹ actually is and why it has been rejected as a distorted and destructive ideology by the overwhelming majority of Catholics in this country who have even heard of it and who know what it really is.
The next time Ms. Salter gets the urge to lash out publically against the Catholic Church, I suggest that she do some actual research on the subject before spouting nonsense, as she did in this article. It was effective in exposing her ignorance, but not in much else.”


  1. Anonymous

    It’s the “Terre Haute” Tribune-Star, Not “Indianapolis”; need to place blame where blame is due.

  2. Patrick Madrid

    Thanks for the correction.

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