One Month Ago, I Hadn’t Even Heard of Twitter

While I can’t guarantee that I fully comprehend all the whys and wherefores that lurk behind blogging and twittering and suchlike (although Father Bud has been very generous in giving me a series of painstaking tutorials on these matters — the pain was all his, not mine), I am slowly beginning to comprehend the amazing reach and capability these apps have for the average person, like moi. 

For one thing, I’ve started using Twitter now, as a way to begin building a network of friends and non-hostile interested bystanders for whom I can provide updates on my activities in the Catholic world, speaking engagements, etc. If you’d like to join that cadre — and I would be delighted if you did — my Twitter name is “patrickmadrid.” You can sign up via this blog to “follow” me by scrolling down on the left side to where it says “Twitter.”

Another thing I’m working on, with Father Bud’s help, of course, is to make this blog and my main home page — — more interesting and beneficial to all of you kind folk who take time to visit. As I get better at this stuff, I hope you begin seeing some nice improvements. Though, if you don’t like them, it will be Father Bud’s fault.  

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