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I recently discovered (actually, someone from my parish whose initials are “Thomas Deliduka”) told me) that there’s a new Patrick Madrid “fan page” on Facebook. 

Weird. Flattering, but weird.

And when, a couple of months ago, I discovered that I was the very last person on earth not to have a Facebook page of my own, I broke down and created one. No big whoop. Check it out if you’re interested in that sort of thing.  I find that I am becoming increasingly interested in that sort of thing — not fan pages, but the ability to communicate widely and quickly and with many people through the medium of things like Twitter, FaceBook, and the rest of it. It’s amazing and at times startling to realize just how interconnected we have become through this technology. Makes me wonder where it’s all headed and how fast we’ll get there.

Just imagine how utterly different the world would be now if the Internet and all its positive accouterments, such as e-mail, blogs, etc., had been available to the public back in the 60s and 70s, when I was growing up. That’s a bit like trying to imagine what the world would have been like and how differently things would have turned out for, say, Japan and China, if only St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier had had fax machines.


  1. Matt G

    Don’t worry, Patrick. You’re not the last person on earth to get a Facebook page. I still don’t have one. Here’s a shocker– I’m 25 and I don’t have one!

  2. Patrick Madrid

    Wow, Matt. That is shocking. I thought it was illegal for anyone under 30 to NOT have a Facebook page.

  3. Mary

    I don’t have one either. My kids would think it’s weird to have mom on Facebook. I’m 49 and one half and that’s just too old for that. Twitter seems OK, but I still haven’t seen the use for it yet.

  4. Patrick Madrid

    Yes, I agree, Mary. My kids all thought it was amusing that Dad got on Facebook.

  5. Soutenus

    I absolutely love facebook and I am 49. My friends from far and wide can communicate within a page or two of info. Our class of 1977 is using it to keep everyone in the loop for the next reunion (there are over 500 of us so this is a great communication tool!)When someone is sick we can let everyone know and pray, pray, pray. We can remind each other of important events – Holy Days of Obligation, births, deaths. The learning curve is short so to all who have not given it a whirl I say, “Try it – you may like it.”

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