Strange Lights in the Sky

This story is linked to prominently today on the Drudge Report, so perhaps you’ve already seen these pictures of unusual and inexplicable columns of colored lights in the European night sky. But I just want to add that this phenomenon of strange lights in the sky is unsettlingly reminiscent of what the Blessed Virgin Mary promised to the three children at Fatima   in 1917: namely, that when the world saw a “great light” in the sky, a terrible war would soon commence. This startling phenomenon was observed across Europe on January 25th, 1938. The war started the following year, and tens of millions perished.

Just . . . something . . . to . . . think . . . about.


  1. matthew archbold

    No matter what, the lights are pretty amazing. But don’t listen to me, no matter how many times I hear the scientific explanation for the Northern Lights I still see God’s hand at work in the Northern Lights.

  2. Patrick Madrid

    I agree. Man proposes and God disposes. These lights are unusual, though.

  3. West Coast Catholic

    Another “Hmmmm…” moment to contemplate.- While this present day turn in the national (as well as world) economy has been compared to the ‘Great Depression’ era of FDR, it would be wise to note that the only reason the United States recovered economically was NOT because of any great stimulus plan of FDR.The reason is something we call World War II.One more thought is the amount of sacrifice, not only in from our brave solders of this war, but on the home front as well. The word RATIONS come to mind.

  4. universal

    Scientific explanations and the God explanation are not in conflict. God created nature and shaped it to indicate whatever He desired. So like the ancients we look “along” nature to see where it is pointing. I recommend reading C.S. Lewis’ “Meditation in a Tool Shed.”However these aren’t necessarily inexplicable lights. There is a lot about optical phenomena that we still don’t know and events like this are rarely caught on film.

  5. Shane

    Does the ‘this’ in “this startling phenomenon was observed across Europe on January 25th, 1938” refer to precisely the same phenomenom? In other words, when you cite this historical example, are you just referring to unexplained lights in the sky, or is there a more specific record of what happened that day? If the answer is yes, were there any other examples in the past 100 years?

  6. essene55

    I witnessed something similar to this but much more profound. On Feb. 20th 1999, my wife and I were traveling north on Davis Rd outside Buflo., Ny heading home from a good nigths skiing at Kissing Bridge, NY when I witnessed 4 columns of light at precisely what appeared to be the 4 corners of the earth (N,S,E & West). They were vertical and white without any distortion or arcs like you see in these pic's. One of the beams looked as though it was coming right out of lake Erie as I looked at the horizon. Accompaning these 4 shafts of light was an incredibly shaped cloud formation (the sky was pretty clear that night) resembling an Orthodox Cross leaning at about a 45 degree angle and drifting to the East. This all happened at about 10;30-11:00 at night. It is an image I will never forget and I am wondering whether it will return for the ten year anniversary this Feb 20th 2009 although I have no idea why it would? I read a passage in "True Life in God" messages( for Feb 20th 1989 date that indicated it was a sign from God to tell mankind that the "scriptures are being fulfilled". Since then I have found much comfort and an intimate relationship with Jesus in these messages. God Bless Us All. David

  7. Michele Quigley

    Wow that’s something. Interesting too that in the Fatima message our Lady mentions Russia specifically and these lights were in Latvia. Given the incoming administration we would all do well to pray very hard.

  8. beowulf2k8

    The light looks computer generated to me. And the image is so crystal clear! I wish I had a camera that good!

  9. sam

    This picture is probably not computer generated see: I guess these are not as uncommon to those folks living in colder climates where ice crystals in the air reflect the light coming from the ground. If you look at the above picture, you will see there are sources of bright lights on the ground. that being said, it is still pretty. Our God is Great!

  10. Christienne

    In more recent apparitions of Mary, she has spoken about great signs appearing in the sky that will signal some terrible retribution. Mankind will see and repent or else…If this is what she was referring to, we are in serious trouble. I just heard about this today listening to Patrick Madrid’s radio show, so I’m just adding what came to my mind to this discussion.

  11. Amanda

    i live in puerto rico and i saw this strange lights in the sky too this past january 15 it was so strange i had never seen anything like it and as the light dissappear all the lights went out.

  12. Nanook

    These lights are caused by refractions from ice crystals in the atmosphere and can appear anywhere the temperature is sufficiently cold.

  13. envchemist

    All I can say is that God invented the laws of physics and if he wants to use them to shake us up, that is His perogative!

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