Babies Routinely Being Aborted for Not Being Perfect

The ethical storm over abortions has been renewed as it emerged that terminations are being carried out for minor, treatable birth defects. Late terminations have been performed in recent years because the babies had club feet, official figures show . . . 

Julia Millington, of the Alive and Kicking Campaign, said: ‘It is all about our perceptions of perfection. Increasingly things are moving along the lines where nothing is good enough. it seems we can no longer tolerate any imperfection. Babies are at the mercy of ultrasound scans and what they may disclose. . . (read article)


  1. Christina

    This is absolutely shameful! This is one of the many reasons we can’t give up on the pro-life fight. I think pro-abortion supporters don’t realize why several abortions are being performed. They don’t know the truth…they haven’t read these articles. We need to continue to spread the truth and open their eyes. This makes my heart hurt. Especially knowing that I, and thousands of others, will have a difficult time even conceiving. How can people be so selfish? What a shame!

  2. Adoro

    Thanks for the link. This is something near and dear to my heart, as both of my parents could have been aborted for such reasons: My mother was born with only one hand: her left hand didn’t completely form. My Dad had Spina Biffeda. I was born with a lazy eye (don’t know if that can be detected in utero or not), and ALL of us are prone to various genetic diseases or problems that may show up later in life. I’ve worked with “imperfect” people, and know that my life would not be the same if I had not had that experience. They enrich us. In high school, we studied Plato’s Republic, and in that, I believe he writes of the concept of Utopia, and the practice of “exposure”. We were called to write critically about his work, and in my paper, I wrote, (paraphrasing as I don’t remember exact wording): “A true measure of society is in how they treat their ‘special people'”. My point in that paragraph was that we know our compassion by how we treat the least among us, we know our real civility by that, etc. I didn’t have the mind yet to develop my argument, but I think I had worked with Project Able a couple times and it changed me. Sorry to ramble…I have this bad habit of doing so. But then again, if we don’t defend the “imperfect” who can’t speak for themselves, who will? My parents could speak for themselves, but often didn’t because it was a losing battle. Mom was told she should abort me because “people like you shouldn’t have children.” I think they did that when she was pregnant with my brother, even before 1973. They accepted their disabilities and lived just fine; the problem isn’t people who are disabled in some way. The problem is with the Nietzche-like philosophy that says people who aren’t perfect shouldn’t be allowed to live. And America and most of the rest of the world has embraced this satanic ideal. OK, sorry again…will stop there.

  3. Coffee Catholic

    Babies just don’t have a snowball’s chance these days. Soon they’ll be killing them even after they are born!

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