My “Debate” With Bishop Gumbleton on Gays in the Priesthood

A couple of years ago, I was asked to appear on a secular talk-radio show to discuss the issue of homosexuals in the priesthood with now-retired Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, a perennial fixture within the “progressive” fringe of dissenting Catholics. He argued the case that homosexuals in the priesthood is no problem at all. I, as you might guess, said exactly the opposite. It was a brief discussion, only about 20 minutes (including a commercial break), but long enough to see two very different approaches to this important issue. What are your thoughts?

Listen to the show here:

Part one

P.S. Awhile ago, the late-great Father Neuhaus commented briefly here on this issue.


  1. Matt

    Wow, it always saddens me when a shepherd of our Church, a successor of the Apostles, gets so confused. Sometimes it’s a little disheartening, but you handled that very well, Patrick. If only the program had been longer.

  2. LarryD

    It is not a stretch to say that it is because of prelates like Bp Gumbleton that the Archdiocese of Detroit is in disarry. Archbishop Vigneron is going to be busy.

  3. Ray from MN

    I believe that Bishop Gumbleton has a brother who is a homosexual. I’m sure that is a major reason for his attitude with respect to the possibility of homosexual priests.

  4. Matt

    I hope this audio sticks around as a piece of historical data. I’ve heard many times that one of the major factors in the clergy sex abuse scandal came from where the Church was looking to understand who and what the human person is and how he should be formed. Namely, modern psychology. It seems that somewhere along the way the Bishop became too dependent upon modern pyschology and lost trust in the 2,000 year tradition of formation from the likes of Benedict, Bruno, Dominic, Kempis, DeSales, and Ignatius.

  5. John R Huff Jr

    Why can’t I listen to this audio? Something is wrong with the link.

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