Some Bad News Coming Soon

I’m sorry to tell you that some shocking, saddening news about a prominent figure in the Church will soon become publically known, perhaps as early as Monday or Tuesday.

Don’t worry. This is not about the Holy Father or any previous pope, nor does it have to do with a lay person.

Let’s start praying earnestly that God will bring some kind of good from this and, of course, offer prayers for those involved.


  1. Matt

    Patrick…way to get my heart-rate up. I’m not sure to classify my reaction on this one!

  2. skeeton

    Patrick,Teasing news, bad or otherwise, like that to a Church-watcher is like telling a teenager, “I know someone who likes you, but I’m not telling you who it is.” It’s torture.

  3. Theoketos

    God have mercy on us and on him.

  4. Matt G

    Skeeton,If the news is not public yet, for Patrick to release it would be gossip. Yet it’s clear that whoever the person in question is, they need our prayers. That’s why Patrick put up such a vague post.

  5. skeeton

    Oh, I know it wouldn’t be prudent to break whatever news this is in this forum, and I understand why Patrick isn’t saying much more than just “pray.” It’s just hard for those of us with more than a passing interest in Church affairs to hear that something like this is coming down the pike.

  6. Patrick Madrid

    Yes, Matt, that’s exactly right, thank you. I hesitated a good bit before posting this, and decided it would be better to it so that people could begin praying. I’m sorry to be vague, but I think it will soon be common knowledge.

  7. Mary

    I love that your blog post are being able to listen to. Thank you for the ability to hear what you right. From a person that has a hard time reading mary

  8. Patrick Madrid

    You’re very welcome, Mary. I’m glad to know you like that new feature on this blog.

  9. Charmaine

    Yes, Adrienne, I thought the same thing, but unfortunately a Cardinal Mahony scandal wouldn’t be “very shocking”. :-/Prayers offered up nevertheless for whatever happens to be the situation.

  10. Adrienne

    Charmaine – how silly of me – of course you are correct.

  11. memoriadei

    I’m thinking Pelosi is getting excommunicated.

  12. memoriadei

    ooops, not a lay person..not Pelosi. Ok, it must be serious…off to pray

  13. RomanCatholic Deacon

    Let us continue to pray for all those clergy are are in trouble, causing scandal, rejected or abandoned! May the Divine Mercy be in their souls!

  14. mum6kids

    prayers offered

  15. Patrick Madrid

    This does not pertain in any way to Cardinal Mahony.My only reason for posting this vague mention at all was simply to ask for people to pray in advance. Think of this matter as a “special intention” for which we can all pray without the distractions of who/what/when/where, etc.

  16. Betty Beguiles

    Praying here. Thanks for the heads up. How very sad.

  17. John

    Probably another pedophile priest story. But, those stories don’t seem to shock the single issue religious righterous who seem to stick their head in the sand on “other” human issues while hating (a sin) anyone who would dare to be Catholic and vote for someone like Obama, or any Democrat for that matter unless they too have been abused by the clergy. It will be interesting to hear the news.

  18. Amanda

    I think it’s that Mother Angelica is secretly a pirate.Just kidding. But seriously, how about everyone stop speculating (and judging) and start praying instead?

  19. Nancy

    My stomach is now in a knot! I work with 3 ex catholics in my office. I am the only active, practicing catholic in the bunch. This is going to be bad…very bad. Whatever it is…I’ll have to listen to the chiding for days and days.Sigh….well, I’m ready.

  20. Patty Bonds

    I pray the Holy Spirit will be with you, Nancy. I know how hard that is. Meanwhile, how about we all offer a Divine Mercy Chaplet for whatever is cooking. Maybe instead of being curious (which I am too) we should be working on being willing to suffer with the Lord in whatever is happening. I should have pleanty of time for prayer while I’m NOT watching the Super Bowl.

  21. Brennan

    Nancy,Jesus' own hand-picked disciple turned on him and sold him out for 30 pieces of silver… The bulk of the apostles abandoned & denied Jesus… This kind of thing (sin) has been going on throughout history, and will likely not stop until the next world. When your chiding co-workers start in, just tell them that it is a horrible thing for one that knows better, but also horrible for one that does not know obedience to Christ. Use the evil as an opportunity to lead people to Jesus. Always seek these opportunities if they are brought before you. Whatever the sin may be that is made known, use that sin to reveal the Law of God. It is the Law of God that is the mirror of the soul; that which allows the Holy Spirit to convict us. Without the Law, Paul said, I would not have known sin. Once you reveal the seriousness of this issue to your co-workers, they are likely to not bring it up to you again. They will see the seriousness & sincerity in your person. Hopefully, they are responsive to the Holy Spirit's conviction, and you may get the opportunity to give them the Good News, that they do not have to suffer the fate of "many", rather the Grace of God has provided a solution, and absolution of their own sins. This is the reason we are still alive in this present world, to be about our Father's business… Save Souls. My prayers for your day at work tomorrow…Peace,Brennan

  22. Nancy

    Thank you Brennan! Trust me….I don’t have to “seek” out these opportunities at work…..they are handed to me on a silver platter. I’m alway surprised by their anger towards God and His church. Personally, I think they walked away from the church because they wanted to live a different life and did not want to submit to any authority. Anyway…she still talk about the priest scandal almost daily. I have said my peace about this and now…I just ignore them. Just so you know….I sprinkle holy water in their cubicles when they aren’t looking! I also have a lovely statue of the Blessed Mother and prayer booklet right on my dest. They can run all they want….but they can’t hide. Besides, God is stronger than they are and can handle their anger.Thank you for your prayers!

  23. opey124

    Ok…..It is going to take a lot for me to be shocked…..

  24. opey124

    I think I’ve got it. It is regarding Cardinal Mahoney. We are going to be told, as if we didn’t know, he covered abuse up, yet again.

  25. Patrick Madrid

    No, Opey.

  26. Irenaeus

    Get over it, John. Your guy won, for crying out loud. And promptly started in on pro-abortion work.

  27. Majordomo

    Imagine for a moment that the anticipated news had to do with a priest who you had great fondness and respect for. Perhaps he was immersed in scandal already, perhaps even now deceased. The possibilities are endless. So what?The actual news may serve no purpose other than an attempt to give another black eye to Catholicism. The result may be personal as well as corporate, but the purpose of Pat’s “heads up” is simple.Be prepared and pray.Often times, we spend so much time in wanting details that we lose sight of the messege. This is not the first, and certainly won’t be the last event to enlighten scandal within the Church. It’s a simple reminder of the human condition along with our ability to “see the forest through the trees.”

  28. Gabriel Bernal

    What is it already!!!!

  29. Muchow

    Maybe this is all ridiculous. Why does Patrick Madrid know and no one else does? Why is only his blog speaking about this terrible news? You have us all worked up in knots, Patrick. Shame on you.

  30. Patrick Madrid

    Trust me, Muchow. A lot of other people know about this. I’m no one special. Please be patient awhile longer, and don’t be mad at me. I just asked people to pray.

  31. West Coast Catholic

    Okay everyone, let’s take a deep breath here.Patrick was only calling us to keep the church in our prayers, the specifics will come out in due time, especially if it’s something terrible about the catholic church.One thing Patrick didn’t count fully on was our human nature attraction to gossip; to know the secret.Let’s all do ourselves a favor and pray for our church … and some inner peace.How about posting a comment on another Patrick post? He’s got quite a few good ones.PeaceWestCoastCatholic

  32. Gabriel Bernal

    I’ll pray for all of the Church’s children, but this is very disconcerting.

  33. Charlotte

    Amen to that, Irenaeous. Why do people like John troll blogs like this, where their only purpose is to stir the pot?Over on AMP, everyone thinks this rumour has to do with Legionairres of Christ/Regnum Christi.

  34. Majordomo

    Again, Charlotte, so what? The issue here–at least on this blog, is not details, but our purpose to respond to human failure with prayer. Yours, mine and every member of His Church.Don’t concern yourself with the intent of other blogs which serve to create rumors instead of Christ-focused efforts.

  35. Charlotte

    The rumors, I may remind everyone, were started on THIS blog. I contend that if people don’t like the propensity of human nature to be piqued and intrigued by a blog title that reads “Some Bad News Coming” and then further elaborates with “shocking, saddening news about a prominent figure,” then that blog entry shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. The wording of Patrick’s entire post, despite the rightful plea for prayers, necessarily created speculation on more than one blog and website. People are now WAITING for the big news. I was simply reporting here what other people are saying.

  36. CarolineLouise

    She’s right – it shouldn’t have been presented this way. People are people, they’re curious, and the point of these blogs is to discuss. If there isn’t supposed to be speculation, then there shouldn’t have been so much to speculate on in the first place. It would have been better to be quieet and report on ACTUAL happenings. Hard to pray for something you don’t know about, and besides, maybe some people might not feel called to pray about what actually happens. Case in point – there’s plenty of people who don’t feel a reconcilation with SSPX is anything to pray for.

  37. Patrick Madrid

    Dear friends, like WestCoast said so appropriately, please relax and take a deep breath. There’s no need to get riled over this.No “rumors” were started by this blog. I reported that some bad news was coming — something I had certain, verified knowledge of — and I asked people to pray for those in involved, in advance of the story being made public.All my fellow Catholics reading this will be familiar with the reality of people asking for prayer “for a special intention.” That’s what this was. Let’s try to keep this in perspective.

  38. tap

    If i was to guess, i would guess that this was Fr. Francis Mary the guy who left EWTN 2yr or so ago. But dude tell us who it is man, i’m nervous.

  39. Matt

    I don’t think so Tap – Fr. Mary Francis (now simply Dave Stone) has had a new site selling some sort of energy drink for a while now, but it doesn’t look like there’s much in the way of news from that front.Our best bet is still to pray and try not to speculate. We take enough criticism just for being Catholic…let’s not rush this one. I’m sure we’ll all know soon enough.

  40. Gabriel Bernal

    If its a fact then its news, I do not understand why all the drama.

  41. Patrick Madrid

    Relax, everybody. No need to be nervous, just prayerful.The specifics of this sorry story started appearing publicly last night, and you’ll doubtless see them noised around the Internet today.

  42. aimee

    Looks like its about Marciel Maciel, the founder of LC/RC (unless you had someone else in mind, Patrick?). New Advent has the headline; American Papist is reporting on it. But that’s not really “bad” news, in the sense of someone previously thought very good suddenly exposed as not so good. Just more of the same we already knew about. Sad. But good its being brought out into the open – as AP reports, due to the thorough investigation of the new head of LC. That is a good thing. Expose it and clean it all out, I say! LC – and the Church as a whole – will be healthier in the long run.

  43. Patrick Madrid

    Yes, that’s right. But be sure that you are looking at this in perspective.This is indeed very bad news for a lot of people in the Legion and the RC who did not believe the original accusations against him. There are tens of thousands of such people involved who did very much believe in his innocence. They may have been naive, but I believe most were quite sincere in their conviction that he was innocent. I know because I have met and spoken to untold numbers of them. True, this is a very good thing in terms of letting light shine in a dark place, and there may be a viable effort undertaken to thoroughly reform and reconstitute the Legion, although I have my doubts that it will happen, but don’t lose sight of the serious damage this revelation will do, not only to the shell-shocked followers of this group, but to the Catholic Church in general. You will soon see certain people trying to use this deplorable situation to target Pope John Paul II, in a way similar to how some elements have tried to use the SSPX Bishop Williamson debacle against Pope Benedict.As I’ve been saying all along, let’s pray earnestly for the people involved here, and by all means, don’t lose your sense of perspective by blithely assuming that this bad news isn’t bad news. Let’s call it what it is and avoid the temptation to slap a happy-face sticker on it.

  44. Tobiel

    Go Fr. Alvaro, for doing what needs to be done–calling for an internal investigation, then allowing charity, honesty, light, truth to reign. As momma always said “Truth will always float to the top–might as well float with it!” In a way it is good to know it was something “natural”–we all falter (who can cast the first stone? Especially at a man who is deceased and needs our prayers for his soul?) Every single one of the first bishops totally abandoned Christ himself. Through the ages great men of God have stumbled, but got up to lead on. This is inspiring to me–to see humanity redeeemed by our Lord! Pray for the Church, my fellows, for she needs us to pray–that she, and her princes–will not stumble so grieviously! Pray! Pray! Fast, and Pray!

  45. aimee milburn cooper

    Points taken, Patrick, but I wasn’t attempting to slap a happy face on it. Sorry if I came across that way. Honestly, I was relieved that it wasn’t, say, my own bishop, Archbishop Charles Chaput, or someone of his caliber suddenly having lurid allegations brought out in public (my husband said the same thing, by the way, when I told him about your post: “I hope it’s not about Chaput!”). Also, I’m not impervious to pain. I know personally how painful these things are for the people whose trust has been betrayed. I was a member of an evangelical megachurch where, it turns out, the wildly popular and revered long-time pastor (including by me) had been molesting men for years, and it was covered up by the board of elders – until he got arrested doing something illegal in a bathroom while on vacation. Things got very ugly when it came out, the church took heavy membership and financial losses, and took years to recover. But it is healthier in the long run. It was after I left there and became a Catholic that the priest scandal broke – and I was very glad I’d gone through the earlier scandal, because I’d learned my lesson: we worship God, not our pastors. And the priest scandal was very painful for me: I felt betrayed by the leadership of the Church, and embarrassed in front of my many friends and family members who tried to stop or ridiculed my conversion.I’d describe my perspective not as happy-face or smug, but as eschatological: no matter how bad things get, I believe in the Resurrection, and the Church will survive. And – the Church will always be under attack. She’s seen worse times than these. That’s not hard-hearted, it’s simply realistic, based on my own experiences, and on the study of history and scripture. Our hope is in Christ – and I hope that helps!That said, let’s pray for LC/RC. And for the soul of MM, for his children, and for their mother(s).

  46. sean

    Well done Aimee, and your points are well put. I can emphatise with all you say and feel. When I read the original blog, I felt it had a somewhat doomsday feel to it. Something hit me in the pit of the stomach. A feeling of foreboding came over me. You somehow imagine the worst when you come across a secretive prediction such as this and are then ovecome with a feeling of relief when the actual secret is revealed. Ok it’s really bad, but it could have been worse. I think that this is one case where being forewarned does not prepare you mentally for the eventual outcome; rather it causes a mounting tension, which the awaited revelation – no matter how horrendous – is simply bound to ease.

  47. sean

    Hello Patrick, my deepest apologies if my previous post caused you any upset. I understand that you meant well and were only requesting prayer for all involved; something you have every right to do. I realise now that some, if not all of what I said, could be construed as strong criticism of your method of revealing the incident. Please forgive me.

  48. AdamTrek

    My wife is an ex-consecrated RC member, so is her sister, and their younger sister is the only one that felt the conviction to stay and fulfill her consecration to the fullest. They all have nothing but the fondest memories in RC, not to mention these ladies all grew with a tremendous amount of formation that they could not have received otherwise. This news is affecting families, big time. A childhood friend of my wife was just ordained a LC priest. He is as good as a guy can get.This news does nothing to change the holiness of the movement and the good people in it. In fact, it doesn’t change my thinking on Fr. Marciel. We are supposed to forgive. Are there a lot of Christians walking around with grudges against St. Paul? We all know what he did!Please put this into some perspective. I have a feeling he has lived a life of purgatory repenting for his past actions. I wouldn’t doubt if Fr. Alvaro was given a post-haste letter written by Fr. Marciel himself telling all and asking for him to investigate the truth of everything told and to reveal the full truth when it was deemed by the Lord through prayer. I don’t have knowledge that this is how it went down, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how it happened.May we forgive fellow man and ourselves for all transgressions against Christ and his Bride.

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