1. memoriadei

    Ok, should be a law against impersonating! Seriously…running around dressing like Amish could give them a bad rap, especially if one is driving a car and hanging out in bars. grrrr

  2. google

    “Delusion. All the wishing in the world won’t make some things true.”Oh the sweet sweet irony of a theist making a statement like that.

  3. James M. Hahn

    I recognize most of those folks from the Diocesan offices…just kidding…sort of…

  4. Gabriel Bernal

    Indeed it is very sad.

  5. John Foresman

    What a good, to the point article by Fr. Z. As usual he cuts through the rhetoric to the truth.

  6. ThePoetLantern

    If you say so google…

  7. Raymond

    ain't gonna happen in the Roman Church. The Roman Catholic Church…often imitated, never duplicated!

  8. Michael Francis James Lee

    The clothes don't make the MAN.Like most of these crazies, she really expresses very well the fact that "priesthood" would be all about her; a mere continuation of the fashion show.

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