Legionary Priest Expresses “Shock and Sorrow” at Fr. Maciel’s Moral Failings

I’ve known and admired Father Thomas Berg, L.C., as a friend for many years. I admire him even more after reading his brief but forthright statement, posted publicly today, which reads in part:

“In shock, sorrow, and with a humbled spirit, I want to express my deepest sorrow for anyone who, in any way, has been hurt by the moral failings of Fr. Maciel. Of my readers, I ask your prayers for each of them. They count not only on my prayers, but also on the personal acts of reparation that I intend to do to implore for each of them the grace, healing, and comfort that only God can give. I am so sorry for each of them, and for the scandal this has caused to the entire Church.” (read more)


  1. Soutenus

    I am very happy (and relieved) to read this statement by Fr. Thomas Berg about Fr. Maciel. At our LofC school briefing about this incident on Wednesday I came away very disconcerted because . . .1) NO mention of prayer request was made for any people hurt by the moral failings of Fr. Maciel. Prayers for our school, the Legion and Regnum Christi were requested.2) We were told (again) that Fr Maciel, himself, decided to step down in 2006. No mention of this being a request of Pope Benedict XVI.3) We were told to believe nothing other than what they told us4) We were reminded that Padre Pio came from an order with a flawed founder (I have NO idea what was meant by that . . . anyone know?) Believe me, NO ONE asked any questions at this meeting although we were told if we had any questions we could go and talk privately later.

  2. Adele

    That is disconcerting Soutenus. They do have major problems that way and it is a terrible shame because they should have nothing to hide. They should expose it to the light to be healed, if they do not it will rot like a cancer and destroy the very good they try to bring forth. Very sad. Sort of like a person with mental, emotional or a moral illness. They call it lack of insight when they will not even fully admit that they have a problem or only barely so. It is close to impossible to help such a person, unless you can get them to own up to the truth and realize they need help. God bless,

  3. Frank

    I am a member of Regnum Christi. Please give us some time. This was such a shock. There is no doubt that the Legion and RC will now require almost complete transparency, more than other orders. We will need to function at a higher standard and be beyond reproach. I observed this move already being implemented for well over a year. There are still many uncertainties about Fr. Maciel’s behavior at this point. All I have been told for certain is the existence of the child. Other accusations are certainly possible, particularly with this news, but I believe the investigations are still ongoing. Regardless, many people have been hurt, including the child. For those who may have been abused, they have certainly been hurt more than anyone. There is no doubt it. We need to work through this but prayer has been the logical first step. Fr Maciel made a choice but I also believe the devil is working hard to bring confusion into the Church and is trying to tear us apart from within as well as from the outside. He is obviously very worried about something. There are so many critical issues right now that require Catholics and Christians to be united. As our Holy Father reminds us, we must move forward with *HOPE* and be confident of God’s love. Again, I too am very sorry for all of this and will do my best to help heal all involved.”Viva Christo Rey”

  4. marythemom

    Frank, the existence of a child is not all you have been told. It may be all you have been told by the Legion or whoever communicates to you from HQ, but it is NOT all you have been told. Don’t you see that by saying that you are discounting everything that for years has been said by other people from outside and by ex-members? You are still acting as though your ONLY source of information can be them? THAT right there is the problem, Frank. That right there is the first thing you need to do to heal yourself. Stop relying on them for information. They have been lying to you.

  5. Frank

    MarytheMom – the Legion is not telling us these other acts did not happen – they just do not know for certain. This is the official word and it has been in the press. Regardless, Fr Alvaro, the General Director has apologized deeply to all. Changes have been and will continue to be made but you need to be patient. Fr Alvaro is completely obedient to Rome. Take Care

  6. marythemom

    Of course they know. Oh, sure this or that particular mushroom of a priest, editor, or “spokesman” might not personally know. But “they” at the top, know and have known.Frank, not to pick this nit too much. But why do you care what the Legion says about it? I see this on lots of blogs, people hanging on for “official” word from the Legion so they will 1. really “know the truth” 2. know what to think and how to respond.Why at this point does anyone care what the Legion has to say about anything? Why beleive that the truth about this matter is going to be disseminated (oops perhaps an unfortunate word choice considering…) from them?I’m neither patient nor impatient because I am not waiting. The testimony about MM’s perversity is voluminous and compelling — so what am I supposed to be being patient about?

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