1. Micaela

    woah….this is freaky

  2. Lisa

    Why does he scare you? Is it *him* or his message? Do you believe him? What’s your take?

  3. Patrick Madrid

    No, it’s not him personally. He seems like a good guy and a straight shooter. It’s what he’s predicting that’s scary, combined with how he has been eerily correct in his earlier predictions. Check this out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46MEqEgdLTg

  4. Padre Steve

    We really need to pray, pray, pray for our nation, and the world!

  5. Dymphna (4HisChurch)

    I think the less materially oriented Christmas is a good thing. As he said, the over emphasis on “things” at Christmas is only about 100 years old. I agree with him about food riots and marches. I think its coming.

  6. Paul

    Pat,I haven’t listened but I will. Love your site and Odiogo. But your headline concerned me. Nothing — I repeat nothing — should “really scare” you. Christ says “fear not”, “be anxious or worry about nothing”. If the world’s financial system collapses into chaos, it will only be because in God’s Providence, it was for our good. We should be thanking God for everything that is happening. God can’t allow anything to happen unless it’s for our ultimate good. God’s “passive” Will at work. I highly recommend 2 books that can change your life as it did mine: “He Leadeth Me” by Fr. Walter Ciszek and “Abandonment to Divine Providence” by Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade.Well, I didn’t mean this advice in a spirit of lecturing but only in a spirit of encouraging you to completely abandon yourself to Divine Providence.God bless and keep up the good work.PaulLinks:http://www.amazon.com/He-Leadeth-Me-Walter-Ciszek/dp/0898705460https://www.tanbooks.com/index.php/page/shop:flypage/product_id/748/keywords/jeanpierre+caussade/

  7. Patrick Madrid

    Thanks, Paul, I appreciate the kind word. But seriously, relax about the “scare” thing. It was just a figure of speech. I’m with you 100% about trusting in God.Patrick, thanks for the Spengler links. I wouldn’t say he’s “far more” insightful than Celente, but he certainly is insightful. No doubt about that. We’ll likely have to wait another 6 months to a year before we see for sure which way this is going to break. But right now, after reading and listening to the Celente model and the Spengler model, I’m leaning a lot more toward expecting to see what Celente predicts. Spengler’s right, though, that the weakening of the US necessarily weakens the other countries he mentions, and their flaws become clearer. We’ll see.

  8. the 5 o'clock shadow man

    Peter Schiff is another person one should view on Youtube. He believes in the Austrian school of economics and is in line with Celente and others.

  9. Ken

    This is the first I have seen of Gerald Celente.I watched these videos right after Patrick’s Thursday EWTN radio show after he mentioned them.I had heard this about 6 months ago or so, that the commercial market was set to really collapse, much worse that the housing market. That was hard to believe then (6 months ago), but in todays economy, I am not surprised.You should also checkout the latest book by the Catholic Thomas E. Woods, Jr. titled “Meltdown”.He and the mises.org web site are of the Austrian school of economics, right with Peter Schiff. The book is a real easy read on why the Obama Stimulus package won’t work. A good read on the “real” Great Depression and its causes. The book explains where Money comes from, why the Federal Reserve is so bad, etc. All should read this book!We should all do more research on Gerald Celente.What are the “real” fixes to this failing World Economy?The real fix is to have everyone live and love as Jesus did! Wouldn’t that be a wonder CHRIST centered world?We all should pray to GOD!Ken S.

  10. Dean Baldwin

    As a 65 year-old “grammy”, I worry more about my family than I do myself (and my husband). I pray for perserverance…I really do. I have a month’s worth of food in my “grammy’s pantry”…my husband wanted to buy a gun and teach me how to use it..but, if people try to get into our home…it will be more than one person…and where does it stop. I continue to go to daily Mass, the Rosary and pray for Perserverance….it is frightening…we are in for a lot of unrest….

  11. Mike

    Dean, I would encourage you to arm yourself. God helps those who helps themselves. No Christian teaching ever claimed you should leave yourself defenseless, ie – prey. Besides, shooting (at targets or cans) is fun and challenging! I would suggest a .22 revolver to see if you like it. They are a breeze to shoot, and no one wants to see a gun pointed at them, not even the baddest bad guy.

  12. Dean Baldwin

    Mike…thanks for your common sense comment…I will speak with my husband about it…it was he who brought it up…thanks!

  13. poorsingledad

    infowars.comhenrymakow.comgoodnewsboutgod.comdrday.comGERALD IS RIGHTand ITS GOING TO GET REALLY REALLY REALLY BADand I AM HAPPY ABOUT ITTHE RICH AND MIDDLE CLASS have ignored the poor for far to dam longHE WHO CLOSES HIS EARS TO THE CRY OF THE POORwill HIMSELF CRY OUT AND NOT BE HEARD

  14. Anonymous

    I've found celente somewhat interesting, but I wonder what his religious belief is. Does anyone know?

  15. Anonymous

    Gerald Celente bills himself as a political atheist, I wonder what his religious thinking is.

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