1. Frederick Manligas Nacino

    “Like a dog that returns to his high powered sprinkler, so also is the imprudent who repeats his foolishness.”Proverbs 26:11

  2. Steven

    The Canine Water Balloon.

  3. Patty Bonds

    Trying to talk too my brother about the Catholic faith.

  4. LarryD

    While it’s true that the Holy Spirit can quench one’s thirst, at times the Rainbird sprinkler head works just fine.Patrick – I have something for you at my blog….

  5. Scott

    Sense of thirst sometimes outweighs common sense.

  6. Marion

    Sometimes you just need to be cleansed from the inside out!

  7. gramps

    BO and the democrats believe Americans will swallow anything no matter how much you put out

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