Pat’s Top Ten Least Popular Children’s Bedtime Stories

You parents will understand. So will your kids 😉

Patrick Madrid’s Top Ten Least Popular Children’s Bedtime Stories —

10. Run, Kids, Run! Keith and Becky Discover Uncle Pete’s Hornet Farm

9. And Who Will Help Me Fry The Chicken? – The Colonel teaches Henny Penny A Lesson About Whining

8. A Child’s Illustrated Treasury of Rodeo Accidents

7. Nippy the Infectious Chihuahua

6. A Critique of Kantian Metaphysics and Ontological Presuppositions-for Kids!

5. The Day Barney Caught on Fire

4. The Adventures of Milo, the Obnoxious Intestinal Parasite

3. Babaar the Elephant Gets Gunned Down on Safari

2. The Big Red Fire Engine Meets the Little Engine That Could In a Fiery Head-on Collision

1. Otis the Hungry Rottweiler Meets Shaun, the Magically Delicious Leprechaun 

(Source: Envoy Magazine)

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  1. pundette

    Omigosh. lolol.Faves: #9 and #4. Henny Penny was right, but did she have to be so self-righteous about it? Hon. mention goes to Barney on Fire, just on general principles.(#3 is almost true, except – spoiler! – it’s Babar’s mother who gets killed. And on a personal note, #10 happened to my sisters and me when we were small, except instead of a farm is was a mass of dead leaves. We had hornets in our sock and underwear, and yes, we ran home pretty fast.)

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