Eastward Ho! The Start of My Journey to Malaysia

Greetings from the DFW Airport’s Admiral’s Club (my second home, it seems), where I’m waiting to catch my flight to Tokyo. I’m on my way to Malaysia to give a series of multi-day lectures in the city of Miri. I’ll be conducting a Catholic leadership conference, followed by an apologetics and family-issues conference for men of the diocese. I’m looking forward to it, though not to the 13-hour flight from here to Tokyo. Tomorrow, from there, it’s another 10 hours by plane to Miri. But I won’t complain. Just imagine what St. Paul and his companions could have accomplished if there were jet air travel in their day. Just imagine what St. Ignatius of Loyola could have accomplished if he and St. Francis Xavier had had fax machines!

Of all the many foreign trips I’ve undertaken over the past 20+ years that I’ve had the privilege of doing this kind of public speaking,  this will be the first time that I will have blogged about the journey and my experiences along the way. At least, that’s my plan. Assuming I have regular internet connection in Malaysia — which I have no reason to assume I won’t — I hope to give you regular updates on this apostolic adventure.

Please pray for me, especially for my safe travel, to and fro, for the happiness and wellbeing of my family while I’m gone and, just as importantly, that the Lord would grant me the graces and strength necessary so that I might glorify Him and serve the local Church in Malaysia as well as I possibly can. God bless you all.


  1. Micaela

    Thanks for keeping us in touch! Love to see how the journey goes. Nothing like the recordings of an immense trip! …and reporting about it! We are with you…Best of luck

  2. Karen Williams

    Traveling Mercies to you Patrick. I look forward to following your adventure to the far east. So did people look at your strangely when you snapped that shot of your laptop in the admiral’s club? Praying for your family as you are away as well.

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