Here in Miri

Well, after a long day in the air yesterday (Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur [layover], KL to Miri), I made it safely to my destination here in Miri, which is located on the west coast of the Island of Borneo. I got to my hotel room last night around midnight, and my first talk of the conference starts this morning at 8:30. So all Ihave time to do right now is say “Selamat pagi,” or “good morning” in Malay. I probably should also say “Malaysia Adalah Sebuah Negara Yang Menarik” (“I like Malaysia”), at least the little I have seen of it since getting here.

More soon. I’m off to get some strong coffee and then start my seminars. Selamat jalan.


  1. Matt K

    Borneo? If I learned one thing from buying the Planet Earth series, it’s that you’re sitting beside a paradise! I hope the talks go well Patrick – thanks for keeping us updated.Yep, coffee is always a good idea.

  2. Nick

    I have not heard the name “Borneo” in years, since I watched the Little Rascals re-mastered (NOT remade, ugh).There was a hilarious episode about a “Man from Borneo” who went around saying “Yum Yum, eat em up,” and ate everything in the kitchen which would fit in his mouth. I found a clip of it on Youtube:

  3. Melissa

    Hi! Glad to know you made it safely to Miri. I’m from a parish in Sabah, another one of the 13 states in Malaysia. Sabah is next to Sarawak (where Miri is) and both are on the ‘paradise’ Island of Borneo. I’m praying for you and all the participants in the conference; some of whom are from my church. I’m glad you’ll be blogging about this too. God bless you!ps- Additional info: ‘Malaysia adalah sebuah negara yang menarik’ is exactly translated as: ‘Malaysia is a very interesting country’. I like Malaysia is more correctly translated as ‘Saya Suka Malaysia’

  4. anthony

    Greetings from Singapore! (neighbour of and upstart younger brother country to Malaysia) Wish you could stop over. God bless you on your journey. Be another St. Francis Xavier to these parts in this, the year of St. Paul!

  5. James Lau

    Hi Patrick, I hope you have arrived in Ohio safely. It was a blessing to have an opportunity to have a cup of Capuccino with you at Miri Airport. Thanks for the clarification on the "Short cut to heaven". Surely, it is better to resolve to die well. Such a good work that you are doing for our Lord. I promise that I will pray for your missionary work.Thank you Patrick. God Bless you & your family.

  6. James Lau

    Hi Patirck, greetings from Sibu, Sarawak. Hope you have arrived in Ohio safely. It was a blessing to have an opportunity to have capuccino with you at Miri Airport. Thank you for your clarification on “Short cut to heaven”. Yes, it is better to resolve to die well. I promise to pray for you. God Bless you and your family.

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