Mrs. Clinton Meets Our Lady of Guadalupe

This is a picture of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the new U.S. Secretary of State, during her visit to Mexico City, being “introduced” to the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe by Msgr. Diego Monroy Ponce, the rector of the Basilica.

Caption time! And to make it more interesting for all of you, I will send a free, personally inscribed copy of my book 150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know to the person who posts in the comments section of this post on this blog my favorite caption for this picture.

This contest will end on Monday, March 30th at 5:00 p.m. ET. I will notify the winner via e-mail and arrange to send the book to him or her straight away, and I will announce and post the winning caption for posterity, as well as the runners up. Please note that I will have the final, unappealable word on who wins.

Have fun, everyone. Happy captioning.


  1. Micaela

    Msgr: I am grateful for you be here Mrs Clinton, to meet Our Lady Of Guadalupe….but because of you’re journey later to ‘promote more abortions, and contraception’ through planned parenthood, I can only say…’May God have mercy on your soul’ How absolutely anti-woman you are. Our Lady must be weeping this very moment to see you here and where your footsteps are taking you!!”Later on…Mrs Clinton went to a Friday night gala in Houston, Texas where she received the national abortion business’ highest honor, the Margaret Sanger award. read up.. very true…I dont care how “Nice” the Clinton family comes across…they are not so “nice” rather quite ‘fervent’ in destroying that little gift we all were given by God called “freedom” and “human dignity” So I suggest we all Fight for life! and not be so ‘lax’ about such severe issues and circumstances such as what we see in this picture! and see in the news…

  2. jbecknell

    I think Cortez would have sacrificed her.

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