1. Baron Korf

    With all due respect to his eminence, I’m not impressed. It just seemed to compromised on a such an important issue. I understand that he and many others of the episcopate take a verymild approach in the hopes of winning the opposition over, but it just seems bland to me.

  2. roberta

    This is sad to me. Notre Dame feeds from many catholic parishes around the country. It shouldn’t be a compromise on the principle of catholic teaching and it is disappointing to hear a catholic leader do that. Catholic people DO look to the leadership of the church for guidance, especially his eminence, on the bigger issues and to state that it isn’t necessarily his responsibility to address this is disappointing. There is such a disconnect. I see catholics actively in the thousands addressing their concerns and trying desperately to make an impact (directly to the university) so it is concerning to hear him basically say that just leave the leadership out and handle it yourself type of statement. Catholic people need the backup of the leaders to have a backbone to make a stronger position either way.

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