Looking for Love in China and Not Finding It

Communist China’s “One Child Policy” isn’t just stupid, it’s extra-strength stupid, as more and more panicked Chinese parents are discovering.

It’s common knowledge that the government forces abortion on couples who cross the line and conceive more than the one child legally allotted to them. This disastrous stricture, combined with socio-economic factors, has resulted in a disproportionate number of abortions of female babies, in favor of males.

This Asian behemoth huddles in the shadow of the culture of death — a shadow that in great part it is responsible for casting — because its institutional family planning policies have turned China into one of the lonliest of all lonely hearts clubs.

Let’s start with the money quote from this article, as it points out the key reason why these Chinese parents are getting really jittery about their adult sons’ inability to find a wife:

“As a result of the one-child policy introduced in China in 1979 and a cultural predisposition for males that has lead to forced abortions and female infanticide, there is a disproportionate number of eligible young men in the country.

In the year 2000 there were 117 boys for every 100 girls – and that ratio is believed to have grown.  Worrying about your child’s marriage prospects has long been a major part of Chinese culture, but the striking statistics have compounded the issue.”

BEIJING – On Sunday afternoon thousands of people gathered near Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium for a mass blind date.

But the scene was not the usual one of young swinging singles mixing and mingling; rather, it was full of anxious parents looking for love for their still single adult children.

At the entrance a billboard with heart shaped signs gave attendees instructions: “If you are a parent of a son looking for a girlfriend, please wear a blue ribbon. If you are a parent of a daughter looking for a boyfriend, please wear a red ribbon. If you are a single, please wear a tag [saying] ‘I’m looking for you!’”

Parents strolled around hunting for different colored ribbons, striking upconversations and asking for details such as “How old is your daughter?” or “How tall is your son?” They exchanged information, complete with pictures and resumes, in the hope of finding their son or daughter the perfect spouse. . . 


  1. Lisa, sfo

    “extra-strength stupid”. Well-said!

  2. Edward

    “It’s common knowledge that the government forces abortion on all couples who cross the line and conceive more than the one child legally allotted to them.”–How do you figure? It’s illegal in China to forcibly coerce abortion, and, while forced abortion happens, it certainly doesn’t affect ALL Chinese couples, or even most.

  3. Nick

    This actually raises a serious question: How many abortions are performed in China each year? With over a billion people, and lets say half of them are married, that could very easily be above a million each year. IF that is so, then they have just as much of a pro-death mentality as our culture, except not much attention is given to them. I almost wonder if China leads the world in abortions.

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