More Proof that Contraception & Abortion Are Killing Our Culture

For years, I’ve been giving lectures at parishes and conferences warning about the dire demographic consequences we are going to experience as a result of the blight of contraception and abortion. Here’s a good depiction of what I’ve been saying, with a twist.


  1. t

    Catholics need to wake up!What a great video! I am astounded that Catholics think that birth control is good, with the evidence that proves that oral contraceptives actually cause infertility and are really abortificiants!!!!Abstinence actually is the best bet and is what should be taught. Women who lose their ability to reproduce are fed the great Lie about contraceptives and waiting for financial freedom until starting a family…. They are never told that they actually become infertile the longer they are on birth control!The US government is into genocide, well America, there it is. So who’s open to allowing Christians from Central America to immigrate here now? I sure am.

  2. Corey

    Seriously? I’m not going to debate the numbers, but is this an attempt to scare people off birth control? Are you trying to inspire fear, an irrational fear at that of Muslims? I’ll issue my own call to action: Find a way to evangalize without resorting to vaguely threatening music and dire sounding commentary.

  3. Padre Steve

    This is a powerful video. We have to really look ourselves in the mirror as Catholics and ask ourselves if we can do more to spread the Good News. We need to return to the hope that the Holy Father calls us to! John Paul was a great prophet and we sure do need to study his teaching now!

  4. Patrick Madrid

    Corey, seriously? You don’t seem to have investigated this issue beyond the slogans. I’m not trying to inspire fear, I’m trying to inspire knowledge and common sense.Here’s my call to action for you: Get the facts and start learning about what contraception and abortion are really doing to bring about the demise of the West. Getting all in a twist because you don’t like “vaguely threatening music” and you don’t like the message isn’t a substitute for rational discussion about this issue.

  5. Corey

    Patrick, Be careful about leaping to judgement about how far I’ve investigated this issue. From my position as a convert to Catholicism at age 22, as a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus, as a husband, as a man who hopes one day to be a father; I disagree with the method, not the message. I don’t think this video furthers rational discussion. I think it furthers irrational fear. I will clearly state this so there is no confusion: Message – Strongly AgreePresentation – Strongly Question its effectiveness

  6. Fabiano.SS

    OK, I would like to put my chip here, just so the video intent and the Church in particular, do not be misunderstood.First of all Catholic Church DOES NOT think that birth control is good. If it was so, the contraceptives would be approved, don’t you think? It is not the case.What Catholicism has in its core is family tie: people develop relations to build and keep strong those ties. THAT is the main thing you must have in mind concerning the position against preservative.Once you have decided that your dedication goes to God and your family, the commandment to spread over earth comes into play.This is not a call for baby boom among the catholics. Do not mistake this.It is a call for CULTURE among catholics who can’t even UNDERSTAND what Catholicism is about. THEN you can withstand any coming wave of other tradition.

  7. Wm

    All so biblical! When the Israelites turned from God and embraced paganism and hedonism, they sewed the seeds of their own destruction. We Christians now head down this path. We bring this upon ourselves. The leaders we elect care only for their moment; what will happen to our children and our children’s children is of no concern to them. Vote Democrat: vote early, vote often!

  8. Patrick Madrid

    Wm, I didn’t quite follow your . . . very . . . last . . . comment.

  9. Jennifer

    That video leaves me struggling with feeling depressed and hopeless. I admit I am scared to death about the world my kids are inheriting, and it seems there is not much to be done about it… the wheels are in motion. How I wish Jesus would come to get us now. I do not want to live in a Muslim-dominated country or world. I’m still somewhat in shock that the US elected a Muslim to the Presidency.

  10. Kevin Jones

    From Brussels Journal: ‘When the video says that 25% of the population and 50% of all newborns “in Belgium” are Muslims, this applies to Brussels and not yet to Belgium as a whole.’

  11. cowkul

    I am wondering…Patrick…what about Mexico, Portugal, and Ireland?Has the historical presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima and St. Patrickbeen ignored?What about Africa?please let me know if you can.Thank you

  12. Jen

    Jennifer– “I’m still somewhat in shock that the US elected a Muslim to the Presidency.”He’s not a Muslim, he has a Muslim-sounding name. He’s part of the United Church of Christ. Still far from Catholicism, but not a Muslim. I disagree with the fear mongering. All Muslims aren’t bad people. I’ve known many kind, good people who happen to be Muslim. As a Catholic, I disagree with their theology. I do agree with the message of the video– we are creating our own demise through contraception and ignoring God’s plan for us.

  13. mattjp78

    I entirely agree with Corey. The bottom line of this presentation is not “abortion is destroying American culture,” it was “Islam is poised to destroy European culture, AND AMERICA’S NEXT.” It mentioned evangelization in the final 10 seconds of a 7-minute scare-fest. This is not the Gospel of Life. This is an effort to co-opt the traditional Christian message in furtherance of a “call to action” against Islam. I’m reminded vividly of the Screwtape letters and Screwtape’s idea of the highly desirable practice of “Christianity And…” You know: “Christianity and the Crisis,” “Christianity and the New World Order,” “Christianity and Spelling Reform.”Of course all of this info is true. Europe WILL be Muslim by 2065, or probably sooner. War, persecution, etc are almost certain to accompany it. But everything about this video screams “Be Afraid!” The Gospel says “be not afraid.” Let’s not let fear motivate us, but the Truth of the risen Christ.

  14. Patrick Madrid

    Well, I disagree with both of you, Matt and Corey. The facts are the facts, and both messages are valid: 1) abortion and contraception have directly caused these plummeting birth rates in the countries mentioned, causing a population vacuum that is being filled, for the most part, by Muslims (e.g., in Europe, Russia, etc.); and 2) Islam is quite up front in its goal to dominate the West.This video performs a very good service by *warning* people about two grave dangers poised to destroy the west. You two might want to read Ezekiel 3:17-21 as a refresher on what Scripture says about the importance of warning others of impending danger — as this video does.No, this video is not screaming “be afraid,” it is quite calmly telling people the truth about a very unpleasant subject.Simply put, I think you’re both wrong about this.

  15. Rufus

    Patrick,I think we can accomodate Matt and Corey. Let’s find a way to make the same factual case–that the West is aborting and contracepting itself to death, while Muslims are exploding in population and filling the void–but use happy music and images. See, here’s a country that used to be almost all daisies and there were only a couple of tulips. (Music: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin). Now there are many more tulips and fewer daisies, although the daisies still outnumber the tulips. Soon the country will be almost all tulips. Isn’t diversity great!?! What’s there to be afraid of?Back to the real world. No one is saying that all Muslims are evil. But if you pay even the slightest attention to what Muslim religious and political leaders routinely and openly say about Christianity and the West, you should be at least a little concerned with demographic trends. When you see polls that say that around 16 percent of Muslims approve of killing infidels (that’s not a very high percentage, is it?), and that a very large majority think Sharia law should be imposed all over the globe, it seems silly to criticize this video for its dramatic tone.In other words, to see all the facts and then to sniff and complain that a measured, if dramatic, video such as this might not be nice enough for some people is just silly. Should we only use dry, academic tones when making the case? If so, then who would listen?

  16. rocky

    Your observation is most timely notwithstanding there were comments and questions seeking to find reasons(in recent Newsweek issue)as to why Muslims boat people are running from their countries to find shelter in Western world? This their silent way to spread their belief. In their Muslim world they have issues and with their own kind. Muslims do not practice birth control.

  17. NJCollura

    Thank you for posting this video!I agree that the depopulation of Europe is scary. And the fact that Islam is a rapidly growing world religion is both fascinating and important. But I have to take issue with a few things in the video…first of all, I find the menacing tone when it starts talking about “the Muslim invasion” to be downright racist. They might belong to a different religion from our own (I am Catholic), but they deserve our respect and our love, as all people do. In fact, we ought to learn from Pope Benedict, who just this week stopped to pray at not one but two mosques in the Holy Land and praised the Muslim contribution to the world at one of their new universities in Jordan. The Pope talks all the time about the importance of allying ourselves with Islam in proclaiming certain fundamental truths (the centrality of God, the sanctity of life, the ability of reason and faith to coexist) that Europe has drifted away from. So I think we’re making a mistake if we automatically assume that Muslims are our enemies.But I also take issue with the video’s facts. “Islam” is extremely complicated. When the video gives statistics for the number of Muslims in Europe, it implies that they are all vicious jihadists out for infidel blood. In fact, the situation is far more complex. Islam is as much a cultural identity as it is a religious identity. Something like 10% of the Muslims in France attend religious services…only 10%!! (I am quoting these statistics from memory, but I think they’re accurate. I could find more specific citations if you wish.) By contrast, 45% celebrate Ramadan. Why? Because the Ramadan fast expresses a cultural dimension more so than a religious message. So which practice do we use as a criterion for determining who is and is not a “Muslim”? Or are we relying simply on blood, which is a far more untrustworthy criterion?In fact, the religious message of Islam is not necessarily that appealing to the young generation who really just wants to integrate into French society. An astonishing 40% of Moroccan males marry French females…can you imagine if 40% of African-American males were marrying white American females? The degree to which certain Muslim populations are integrating peacefully into the (very secular!) French society is simply amazing.This is not to say that there are not very religious Muslims, though they actually get along quite well with the Catholics here. The French state, which is officially secular, has outlawed the wearing of the hijab (Islamic veil) for girls in public schools. The only place where these girls can wear the veil is in Catholic parochial schools. From what I have seen (I live in Paris), this shared respect of each other’s religion has been very good for Catholic-Muslim relations and probably for European society as a whole: it demonstrates that religions which are usually branded “intolerant” can in fact be more “tolerant” than the secular state itself. Some Muslim girls even feel more protected in these Catholic schools than in their own homes: many Muslim men (the supposedly intolerant fanatical fathers) who don’t want to be branded as radical by French employers and neighbors force their daughters NOT to wear the veil. I have also heard from numerous girls whose supposedly Muslim boyfriends have threatened to break up with them if they wear the veil, because it’s a sign of modesty and piousness — hence, “uncool.”All this is just to say that “Muslim identity” is extremely varied and complex. This is not to say that there are not many radical Muslims moving to France, for instance (these are the ones coming mainly from sub-Saharan Africa rather than from North Africa). But to say that we will be living in a “Muslim world” in a few decades is overstating the case by far. I am sure that within that time many new cultural patterns will emerge which this fear-mongering video has made no effort to predict.

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