1. Brian

    Hi Patrick, Thanks for sharing this and all the great work you do for the church. From what little I know of Einstein, my understanding is that he was a deist. It doesn't seem like the above exchange was really likely!? Was it ever documented? I found an article that claims that this conversation is a myth created by people of faith to persuade athiests (www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/e/einstein-god.htm). AS much as I'd like to believe this event happened, it seems like it may be false and it would be unfortunate for Christians to have to resort to that when the argument alone seems sufficient without attaching it to someone like Einstein. If I recall, I believe CS Lewis used that exact argument in "The Problem of Pain". It may not be the origin, but if it originated with Einstein, I expect that Lewis would have said so.

  2. Mike Flynn

    The argument is still pertinent, regardless whether the young Einstein ever made it. That evil is "defectus boni" (the lack of a good) goes back through Aquinas to Aristotle. In fact, it is ever the custom to place such arguments into the mouths of the "right" people. A State Dept. underling once made the comment that the US when overseas never annexed any land other than enough to bury our dead. It was a good line, and shortly was being ascribed to Colin Powell.

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