1. Steven

    Maddow, Olbermann, and most of the MSNBC staff are liberal hacks, but at least they call out their own when they are wrong. I wish the onservative hacks on Fox News would do the same.

  2. Eric Engel

    haha – "legitimate legal framework"I like that. As long as you make some laws, it's legal. You could say that about anything. People are too caught up in the word "legal".

  3. Jeff Pinyan (japhy)

    So "prolonged detention" will be the way to keep those dangerous pro-lifers from killing again, right?

  4. Jordan Henderson

    Steve,Fox conservatives not calling out conservatives on missteps? Do you even watch Fox?Glenn Beck won't stop on the Conservatives. Bill O'Reilly doesn't go easy on them, either. In the roundtables, Krauthammer is often critical of Conservatives. Who doesn't call out Conservatives on Fox?

  5. Steven

    Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, the entire cast of Fox 'n Friends, Neil Cavuto…Glen Beck does call out conservatives from a libertarian prospective, which can be a helpful check but he just joined the channel. O'Reilly will occasionally call out conservatives, but not often.My beef with those on Fox is this: it is a lot easier to be critical of conservatives when they are not in power and your criticisms won't have any effect. Where was the outrage over rampant spending, free-for-all ballots of lousy banks, and the lack of a coherent direction for the nation during the past eight years? If certain individuals in the media (on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC) would have spoken up during the past eight years, we might have avoided some of this disasterous financial mess that we're in. Instead, they were too cautious to criticize anything Bush-related until the final months of his Presidency. Nobody seemed to care that we were spending ourselves into oblivion until the banks crahsed in October, yet it was occuring since 2000 (and still going on).Until the media stops encouraging us to live beyond our means, nothing will change.

  6. Micaela

    Oh gooooooodness…..This is not even an issue of "calling out" a liberal or a conservative when they are wrong, or about the media! This is an issue of 'recognizing' the evil dance that a person has crafted….especially when it is 'totally' ethically impossible for Obama to defend this proposal. I'm shocked he would suggest this law- this radical out-of-ordinary step to fighting crime. THIS, my friends, is a clear "step" into the arena of Hitlers dictatorship. Laugh about it or not, but if you can open your eyes to recognize this mans rational-and skillfully orchestrated format of speech, its as clear as day how utterly 'distorted' his ways are. If you cannot recognize this, Im afraid he's capable of convincing you that killing your innocent brother (for exampl) would be 100% "just"

  7. Jordan Henderson

    Steven,I don't listen to many of these people very much. I can't say I recall Sean Hannity say anything about spending under Bush. I don't know about Fox&Friends, who are hardly serious pundits or Megyn Kelly, but Neil Cavuto has often been critical of spending, even under the Republicans. Cavuto was endlessly railing against both the Stimulus last year and TARP I.I agree with you about the media, though. They spend way too much time taking positions to them from the left or the right and not working to uncover things themselves. Fox is indeed guilty of this sort of thing, but shouldn't be singled out for it. This Maddow piece is the only time I can recall someone from MSNBC being very critical of Obama.I've not done any analysis and my perceptions might be skewed, though.

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