Here’s the Video of My Talk at the SQPN New Media Conference Last Weekend

My talk was on the theme of the “Dos and Don’ts of Apologetics and Evangelization,” and I wove into it some thoughts about how new media can play a role (and a couple of aspects of new media we should be on guard against).

This was a truly remarkable group of Catholics, and I am grateful to have been invited by Father Roderick (what a dynamo he is) to address them at this conference in San Antonio, Texas, on Saturday, June 27th.

Be sure to check out the website for SQPN, the Catholic media collossus directed by Father Roderick which hosted this event.

I had the good pleasure of meeting in person many key players in the Catholic world of new media (i.e., podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, i-phones, etc.), including the lovely ladies Danielle Bean and Lisa Hendey, and priest friends Fathers Jay Finelli (the renowned i-Padre) and Seraphim Beshoner, and many others. It was a great weekend. Thanks, Father Roderick and everyone. God bless you in your important work for Christ and the Church.

P.S. If any of you tech gurus out there can show me how to convert this video to YouTube format, so I can post it on my YouTube channel, I’d be very much obliged. Thanks.

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