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Read this breathless tabloid report of an alleged strange chapter in the annals of modern luv:

Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman [68] plans to marry his step-granddaughter and possible mistress E’Dena Hines, family sources tell the National Enquirer.

The actor’s nearly decade-long affair with his step-granddaughter, 27, hit the tabloids last month. E’Dena Hines is the grandchild of Morgan’s first wife.

He and his now-estranged second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, raised her.

The long-secret relationship with Hines likely led to the breakup of their marriage, say sources close to both Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee.

That’s bad enough. But today, The Enquirer reports that Freeman and Hines are planning to get married after Morgan’s contentious divorce battle is over!


[Hat-tip for the link and the title to Frank Beckwith.]


  1. Patrick Sweeney

    http://tinyurl.com/kl4gkg is the original article. Note the use of the unusual word "mistress" — typically this appears as "lover" or "partner" or even "friend"

  2. Joe Heschmeyer

    FYI, Morgan Freeman denies wedding plans. Google News'results on the subject are nothing if not confusing. For example, these four were one after another on the front page:- Morgan Freeman To Marry His Step Grand Daughter- Morgan Freeman Not Marrying Step-Granddaughter- FREEMAN WON'T WED STEP-GRANDDAUGHTER- Morgan Freeman to wed step granddaughterMy hunch is that one of the tabloids "broke" a false story, it got picked up, and then Morgan Freeman denied it, so it's starting to die down. This doesn't mean there isn't an inappropriate relationship, but perhaps we should be careful about the accusations until more reliable information is available.

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