Help Jesus select future topics for YouTube

That’s right. Under the “Do You Have Any Questions for Jesus[?]” section of this crackpot religous website the following wisdom and knowledge are dispensed:

God fearing Christians shrink their minds by using weak prayers, spiritually ineffective self improvement techniques and simple minded answers, like “It is one of God’s mysteries”, whenever they are confronted by a difficult question.

There are no mysteries of life to a True Prophet who Loves God.

Help Jesus Select Future Topics for YouTube Videos

  • Why Babies are Born with Birth Defects
  • Why Little Children get Cancer
  • Why Abortion is not a Sin
  • Why am I here
  • Who am I
  • (Submit your own question)

Please help Jesus, email to vote on any of the above topics or send us questions of life you would like Jesus to answer in a YouTube Video.

Not only did I not realize that Jesus has a YouTube account, I never knew that He needs help figuring out what subjects we’d like most to hear about.

Some questions that I’d like Him to answer on YouTube, if He’s not too overwhelmed with suggestions from other video-watchers, include stuff like, “Lord, why do You allow crackpot groups like this to run wild on the Internet?” I suppose that has a lot to do with original sin and human freedom, but still.

This site is awash with other such gimcrackery. For example, the page “Jesus’ Solutions for the End Times” offers two types of special end-times knowledge at a price to fit just about any budget:

Jesus’ Solutions for the End Times
Power Prayers and Self Improvement Techniques

Jesus’ Basic End Times Prayers and Techniques
(Available at no charge by Email or at our weekly Gatherings)

No Charge

Jesus’ Advanced End Times Prayers and Techniques
(Two day workshop)


Email to receive Jesus’ Basic End Times Techniques.

Email to receive information about Jesus’ workshops.

I wonder if He accepts PayPal.


  1. Just another Face in the Crowd

    Why Abortion is not a Sin? it is =|

  2. Dan Hughes

    And, if you act now, we'll also send you a free DVD with St Michael's secret techniques for wrestling with evil! Learn the "Choke-hold of Doom", the power behind the "Angelic sleeper hold", the secret drop kick that St Michael used to banish the evil one from heaven and much, much more!!! As a bonus, you will also receive the "Archangel workout and diet". Learn how you too can stay spiritually fit in only 10 minutes a day!Call the number flashing on your screen! Operators are standing by!

  3. fireoftheheavns

    Maybe this Jesus is a Jesus pronounced "HAY soos"

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