1. Mary Rose

    I'm usually an "all in good fun" kind of girl, but admit I was disturbed by this video. Maybe because it reminded me of too many bartop dances. I thought, "Okay. Can it wait for the reception?" The Sacrament of Marriage is a very serious sacrament (I'm betting this didn't happen in a Catholic church but I could be wrong). As it was happening, I thought, "Is anyone thinking of God right now and the serious covenant that is about to happen between the bride and groom?" Sigh. Maybe I'm getting too old for this kind of thing. 😉

  2. Ms. Stad

    1. Thank God it's not a Catholic wedding. 2. This video begs the question : wonder how long this marriage will last?

  3. Carol

    "Wow" You are too nice. That was funny at first (it got a bit long).I'm surprised they didn't save this for the reception. It's self-indulgent but really so is the "Here-Comes-The Bride" entrance and we tend to be self-indulgent on our wedding day, no? Maybe this is a bit jarring because I took my wedding so seriously. But perhaps this helped them shake the nerves. There is so much symbolism involved in a wedding. I really do like that the groom met her half-way up the isle.The more I think about it the more I think it's not that bad. It's sophomoric and frat-house-like but they're happy. Plus, if it was a Catholic Church then yeah I'd see a problem.

  4. Faith

    I know this could never happen in a Catholic wedding and that's fine! But I still like the spirit of the thing. David danced before the Ark and remember how his wife prudishly disapproved of him?I hope the couple has a lasting and blessed marriage.

  5. Jay

    I could not watch this 'procession' to the end, what kind of message it gives? Thanks God it is not a Catholic wedding as someone pointed out.

  6. Micaela

    ahem….a most perfect example of a wedding that is "screaming" for attention. Without the true meaning and reverence the entire party and guest crowd should have reserved for God and the marriage ceremony, it all turns into one "BIG" show….no matter where the procession is held….yikes for this couple!

  7. chimakuni

    I saw so much joy and fun…knew it was not a Catholic wedding – although the church looked very Catholic – the woman at the altar gave that away immediately…Yes, the sacrament of marriage is serious – but did you listen to the song? It was techno at its best – pledging their lives to one another for all eternity…Way cool – just please Lord, not at any of my sons' weddings – oh yah – that is under the supposition that they will be married in the Church!

  8. LnxCthlc

    Is this what the Reformers had in mind?I was sure Deney Terrio was going to show up in an elb.

  9. murph

    God Bless this couple…They showed real joy at their wedding and shared it with 77 million plus people. If the Catholic Church has a problem with this type of joy then maybe fewer peole should get married in a Catholic Church. Joy is something sorely lacking in today's church. dance on……

  10. Micaela

    God Bless this couple too! Although I totally disagree with "Murph". There is 'no' way that joy is lacking in a Catholic Church setting. If you think so, you must have terrible examples around you, and a misplaced understanding of the "marriage ceremony" within the Church. We had a very traditional wedding, and the marriage ceremony was "all" about reverence to God, not about "ourselves" and showing off our inner "party-spirits" It was about Our Lord whom we were approaching to enjoin us in the marriage committment" You may think, woa! thats too serious! Well we Catholics are taught to take Our Lord 'very' seriously. Not as some common "acquiantance". When we go to God to "join" us, it is a serious request. And just so you realize, our reception turned out to be pretty "awesome". We partied until 7am, and the pictures and videos speak for themselves on the joyous times and Love we all shared and expressed…….all held in the appropriate setting. When one realizes that there is a serious and holy aspect to the marriage ceremony, where it is in direct communion with God (since He is the one who enjoins the two) I see that it therefore is a time of silence, inner reflection, of prayer and really looking into the future life of this couple asking God at this very precious moment to give them grace.Music is a huge placesetting for these spirits of prayer and silence. What music did your ears catch in this video? Two words….."party-on!" An entrance (which is a most special part) shown in this video "disrupts" that necessary silence that gives reverence to this fragile moment. As you can see in the video the guests are laughing. With this music, and presentation who can really have reflective prayer? What state of mind does this direct one to? …when it should allow time for reflection and reverence to God.Catholics dont and should NEVER see anything wrong with guests laughing or attention on "dancers" but the "setting" for that (a Church)-supposedly where "God" is to listen to serious vows of commitment for love and the lifetime sacrafice to one another, makes this entrance out of place and basically quite unfortunate. For you to think that the Church has a problem with "Joy" is perhaps that you dont realize so much the deep respect for the marriage sacrament-ceremony, and the reverence reserved for God in this serious moment of inner (not "outward") joy and prayer/reflection.

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