Social Commentary Through Pie Charts & Venn Diagrams

And whoever created this next one calls it: “The Only Flowchart You’ll Ever Need.” You’d be amazed how many people follow this basic philosophy of life. Alright, you probably wouldn’t be “amazed,” because we all know at least three people who live according to this flowchart, but still . . .


  1. Sheila Deeth

    Some of those are really rather neat. I especially like the last one.

  2. Patrick Madrid

    I have lived the last one more times than I'd like to remember.

  3. athanasiusrc

    The Christian music one is more true than it should be.

  4. Phil Mueller

    As for "oddly sexual" metaphors about God in Christian music– ever read Song of Songs? ; )

  5. Twila Q

    Clowns have never made so much sense to me. Thank you for this.

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