1. Dan Hughes

    I feel small. Really, really small.

  2. Michael Witt

    That was AMAZING! Praise God.

  3. Nick

    I hate to put a negative spin on this, but that movie didn't seem to be promoting belief in God at all…in fact it seemed to give off an atheistic-evolution theme. The funny thing was that if everything is moving away (expanding), then evolution seems less probable.

  4. Karen Williams

    Thanks for posting that up Patrick! Not only does it make me feel small, but makes my problems seem small, too.

  5. jesu

    Human Being is neither small nor big. It is nonsense one feels small or great at the unfolding of nature. Nature is nature Whether it came from God or evolved on its own. Man has to move beyond his feelings to consciousness to look at things around him. Something is not great because I see it all in a sudden, neither something is mean because I have not seen it so far. There are things, very many, not yet even imagined by human beings. This does not mean that I am mean in its presence. Your posting is something amazing, but this does not make me small, great neither. I am what I am. I know there are still much to see. Post them as the time comes. Thank you.

  6. Christina

    What a beautiful little universe God has made!

  7. Patrick Madrid

    Nick, I didn't say that the video was "promoting" belief in God. Rather, the scientific evidence it presents is, in my mind, clearly pointing to God, Who created all these innumerable galaxies. Even if the people who put this video didn't intend to, their presentation is yet another sign-post pointing inexorably to God and His existence.

  8. Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

    What I like to remember is, that no matter how tiny our actual part of the universe may be or how huge the rest of it may be, that it is no strain on God's resources and fully indicative of His love that He created the entire thing just for us.

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