Watch This Mesmerizing Time-Elapse Video of New York City

This fascinating video reminds me a lot of the inner workings of the human body: blood vessels coursing, incessant cellular activity, firing nerve synapses. It is mesmerizing, in part due to the hypnotic Moby soundtrack, but I must admit that, as beautiful as the city is with its myriad pulsating rhythms, watching this video evokes in me somber emotions and memories of 9/11.

What about you?


  1. Snerticus

    This video does evoke some powerful memories, but 9/11 is one of the least. I used to live in NE PA (Scranton) and I went to NYC quite a few times in my life. I lived about 2 hours away from both NYC and Philadelphia, but I had gone to NYC much more than Philly. I also briefly went to school in Cliffside Park, NJ, which is just over the river. I took the bus a lot to the Port Authority and walked over to Times Square. Scary but invigorating. Watching this makes me miss living back home, if it wasn't for the cold weather. Here in the desert SW, 50 degrees in winter is too cold for me sometimes!

  2. Carol

    I'm glad I saw the video THEN read your post. No 9/11 comes to mind for me just my honeymoon in NY. 🙂 It WAS mesmerizing!

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