$1000 Per-Day Fine & 30 Days In Jail For Refusing the Swine Flu Vaccine?

But, but, but . . . what if I don’t want the vaccine?

I find this troubling, folks. What’s going on here? Pay close attention toward the end of this video where they discuss the “severe penalties” to be imposed on those who refuse to be vaccinated. (More here.)


  1. Esther

    It says one would be penalized if refusing to be quarantined. Isn't that reasonable?

  2. Michael Francis Saunders

    apparently refusing a vaccination is specifically exempted from penalities. (If you refuse a vaccination you may be quarantined though.)

  3. Patrick Madrid

    I think it's a little broader than just the quarantine rule. They're talking about these penalties as being applicable in cases where someone refuses to follow the "emergency rules," and they say, "for example," the rule about quarantines. This seems to imply that it could easily become a rule that everyone be vaccinated, which would then, at least as this appears to me, provide for penalties against those who refuse the vaccine.

  4. Wolfshead

    and when did any recent court ever force a competent adult to undergo a medical procedure that they objected to? Trying to use the broad brush and say that the quarantine rule is only an example and that people can be forced to be vaccinated doesn't wash. It would never pass judicial challenge even if some legislature or official was crazy enough to try and pass such a measure.

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