The further adventures of “Jaime Alberto Gonzales”

Although you probably know him as Fr. Marcial Maciel, “Jaime Alberto Gonzales” was allegedly one of the aliases he went by during his assignations with young Mexican women (queue to 7:00 for that). More details are available here and here, and for those who understand Spanish, these CNN videos provide fuller details, straight from a lawyer who’s working this case. Start with this one:


  1. GregK

    I'm tempted to say we already know the guy was a fraud and a rascal and that it's time to give the Maciel story a rest, but I fear there are still people out there who are clinging to some strange hope that it will all turn out to be a lie — that all these stories are just the wicked accusations of the enemies of the church, and that Fr. Maciel will be vindicated. A couple years ago I was speaking to a Regnum Christi consecrated woman about the Maciel stories. She said "we're still trying to understand why God would allow these stories to come out. It's a mystery." I said, "No, the mystery is why you keep clinging to the hope that Fr. Maciel is innocent."

  2. Noticias Eclaesiales

    Recomendamos esta opinión de alguien cercano a Maciel:Hablemos de lealtad

  3. son of Adam

    I posted on Catholiclight that I suspect that the Vatican was deceived by MM, and this may have been why he insisted LC/RC to address him as Nuestra Padre, so that if he was addressed as pappa or padre by his own children in the wrong circle, then it would not arouse suspicion. It also would be why the Vatican was deceived if he did bring his children with him to the Vatican and no one caught on. Many priests travel with family memebers.

  4. Patrick Madrid

    Le agradezco por su link al comentario por la señorita Rego de Planas. Sin embargo, creo que debo mencionar que también se debe hablar de la falta de lealtad de parte del P. Maciel hacia la Iglesia Católica, hacia el Santo Papa, hacia su orden religiosa, hacia sus hermanos sacerdotes Legionarios, hacia los seminaristas, los consagradas y consagrados, hacia todas las familias del movimiento RC. Todos de ellos confiaban en él.Hay que preguntar: Donde estaba su lealtad a ellos?El actual director general de la Legión de Cristo su mismo ya ha admitido públicamente que el P. Maciel traicionó a todos aquellos que acabo de mencionar por sus acciones reprobables.Así que, sí, hablemos de lealtad.

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