1. Matt K

    LOL, #6 should be Chuck Norris wears Fr. Corapi PJs… 🙂

  2. AmyLiz

    Love it! 🙂

  3. Pax

    Great stuff Pat! n(But I can say that from over here in Ireland ;-)!

  4. RobKPhD

    Oh that is awesome!

  5. bjwalsh12

    One time Fr. Corapi ordered a Big Mac at Burger King… and got one!

  6. Pamela

    Gotta love that Fr. Corapi…so where do we get those PJ's?

  7. Aussie Therese

    lol this is great.

  8. nekogal

    I heard this one on your EWTN Open Line show a couple of months back while I was shopping for groceries and had to keep from bursting out in laughter lest I get mistaken as a lunatic :p

  9. Thursday

    On May 26 1991 Fr. John Corapi was ordained. Christmas of that year the Soviet Union fell. Coincidence? I think not!

  10. Mrs. O'Riordan

    Patrick I thought I'd get sick laughing – just sooo funny! Fr. Corapi would love this and would like us all to be just like that!!! – Blessings – Rene

  11. Our Family

    Awesome Pat!

  12. JoAnna

    I love it! I need a t-shirt like this!

  13. JoAnn

    Laughing out loud at this one — hubby wanted to know what's so funny! He agreed w/me. He heard Fr. Corapi recently on EWTN/KPIO and had no idea who he was….Hubby is a convert, so at first he thought, "WOW, a Catholic preaching hellfire and brimstone!" but was really impressed the more he listened. Another huge fan in his court. What a great man and priest Fr. Corapi is!

  14. joeb001

    Sent this to everyone I know who listens to weekly wisdom, very funny, while sending it, I wrote:Father John Corapi, he's the Catholic version of Chuck Norris jokes.

  15. Anonymous

    We need a South African version of Fr John Corapi here or does Fr John have a twin we could borrow

  16. Anonymous

    Love Father Corapi's tv show, what a wonderful preacher/teacher for the church. God bless you Father!!!

  17. Marcygoosie

    Loved this Pat, and love the man it was written about. I discovered him on Catholic radio when working on a Navajo Reservation hospital and could get no TV reception. So glad to be home and see him on EWTN! Keep up your great work too! I love your Surprised by the Truth books! I have to order more as they seem to walk away. God bless you and the ministry you preform.

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