1. Matt K

    Staring contest champion!

  2. Snerticus

    Man, what a day… I feel like my head's not on straight!

  3. Ashley Collins

    Friends…. Gotta Love em… and/or get back at em…

  4. Kevin

    Got my next haircut….thanks Mr. Madrid!

  5. Frederick Manligas Nacino

    Although Protestant tonsures have a feel good friendly outlook, they still lack the reverent and Orthodox scope of Catholic tradition from which they originate

  6. vitojoseph

    Now if i can only find where they relocated my buttocks.

  7. Dawn

    Hey! It's Duff from Ace of Cakes!

  8. HIS daughter

    Don't try this at home, folks, without our exclusive instructions! For only $19.99 you too can learn how to make your baldness work for you instead of against you!As an extra bonus, if you call right now, we'll throw in the DVD of how to advertise your product, or message on your balding head!Yes, even you can learn how to use it to get your message across subliminally to unsuspecting "clients".Act now..only 2 left in stock! Ask for the product "Bald Means Business"

  9. Snerticus

    LOL vitojoseph!

  10. Rose S.

    Hairs looking at you kid!

  11. Rose S.

    Hairs looking at you, kid!

  12. jmazz4311

    "Off The Top of My Head, I'd have to say I'm Speachless …"

  13. orthodox

    hey, is that scott hahn?

  14. PLD Consulting

    My dad always said he has eyes in the back of his head. Now I have proof.

  15. Brad

    I wonder if Father will notice I'm sleeping?

  16. jemiletic

    Monday morning meeting strategy.

  17. Rick

    Is that your face or did your neck throw up?

  18. H.

    "Mom! Mom! Daddy has eyes in the back of his head, too!"

  19. Atriphonias

    Two faced!

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