1. FJH 3rd

    There was also a solid review in the latest National Review. I saw the film a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Patrick Sweeney

    The movie has a very strong messianic theme.

  3. Tito Edwards

    A fine sci fi film. Strongly recommended.In certain scenes there is a fine example of how people treat abortion.

  4. Thursday

    I'll have to say that while I find Fr Barron's insights fascinating I feel like the movie fizzles out in the 3rd act. What interesting questions may be raised durring the first part of the movie fades by the end leaving in it's wake a lackluster Sci-fi action movie in it's place. usually my suspension of disbeleif cn run pretty thin but there were some plot holes I just could not get my head around (seriously i know the mothership is broken down but still floating above johannasburg? for 20 years!?

  5. Lankester

    Every 10th word of dialogue is the F bomb.

  6. Lankester

    I might add that this movie appears to be a Palestinian revenge fantasy.

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