They Are Celebrities. Hear Them Roar in Numbers too Big to Ignore

It’s getting weirder out there. Check out this new propaganda video featuring a lot of Beautiful People who are pledging themselves silly in support for hope and change. Some of the stuff they’re pledging to do falls into the category of mere quasi-morality and even pseudo-morality. The weirdest and most disturbing part happens at the 3:18 mark. See what you think.


  1. Katie

    What the heck? I thought that the entire point of our unique representative democracy was that we all had a voice and did not serve a King? Did we elect a King? We do not "serve" our President, folks. We serve our Country.

  2. Stinky Cheese

    it is incredibly scary that at least half of brainwashed america will watch that and get pumped about it and "pledge" themselves to barack obama without actually knowing what it is they are pledging to. God help us…

  3. SAHMinIL

    um…that Oprah is behind it…. She may not have been in the video, but it's her company "Harpo" that made the video. I've seen what Oprah thinks….

  4. AncientSoul

    There are none so blind as those who will not see 🙁

  5. Vulpin

    This has been around for a while. Still creepy, though.

  6. Rick

    On the positive side, it is about people pledging to do something for others; it is a departure from the "me" first attitude from the cult of the self. On the development aspect, one can do much better than doing it for Barack Obama – a personality cult.One must do it for God for it to be real and lasting. Otherwise, it gets old real fast then you get B.O. i.e. burn out.

  7. AmethystKat

    Very creepy. Much of what was said was 'nice' but the Pledge to "serve" a lone man is foreign to our country's foundations. Sure, Secret Service pledge to protect and serve, but they are pledging to protect the OFFICE, not the man.Another objectionable pledge involved embryonic stem cell research. I thought that was going to be the stomach-turning moment, but then I saw the bicep kissing guy.

  8. Kindred Spirit

    Oprah is behind this? Enough said. See the many YouTube vidoes on Winfrey's role in this Obama-nation and her ties to the New Age Movement and the soon-to- be announced "Department of Peace". Peace as the world gives, of course…

  9. msmr

    That was way to creepy… I'm horrified.

  10. Nerina

    This video may have been around for a while, but some school districts are actually playing this for students as a "welcome back" assembly. Apparently there are lesson plans that accompany it, too.I have several pledges I'd like to make…

  11. Jack Haefner

    Who are these people???I really like the one about defending the defenseless…. Priceless. I'm pretty sure they aren't talking about the most defenseless–the unborn.

  12. RobKPhD

    Can you say "false prophet".

  13. Augustine

    At least we now know for sure whose servants they are, but not that it's really, really news… or good news.

  14. Roger Wissinger

    My pledge is the Pledge Allegiance. They don’t’ understand that most of us that are on this blog do all those things and more. To think that the government is going to create some kind of utopia is plain…….scary.

  15. Chad Myers

    Throughout human history up until the modern era, it was common practice for the [person in power] (monarch, bishop, etc) to harshly smack someone after they had made a pledge or an oath so that they might never forget their pledge/oath.This practice is still seen today in some form when RCIA candidates are presented to the Bishop, he gives them a light slap on the cheek.Anyhow, since they're pledging, does Obama get to smack them harshly? If not him, can I? 🙂

  16. A.D.D. Honey Bee

    I'd like to see a prolife group "edit" it 😉

  17. Shelly

    … a servant to our president????

  18. Karinann

    I agree with SAHMinIL- this has Oprah written all over it. As for my pledge- I pledge to serve Jesus Christ in season and out!

  19. Kathy

    That was spooky. I didn't read all the comments on youtube, but I was happy to see that the first page or two was full of other people who think this is nuts. There are a lot of us out here.

  20. Mary

    I found it interesting that the say "I pledge to be free from slavery and to free others from slavery" and then at the end they all chime in and say "I pledge to serve Obama."So which is it, dear celebrities, to be free to to serve. 😉 I serve God and to do His will, well I try to to the best of my ability anyway. That video was just creepy.

  21. ms debra

    Hmm, they are showing this to children while at school according to some reports that I have seen. This plus the webcast Tuesday morning at 10 am directed to school age children, complete with a suggested study aid real, truly and honestly frightens me.

  22. Laurence C

    I pledge to clean, dust, protect and revitalize my hard and soft furniture surfaces.

  23. Danny

    Hey, not a bad video at all. If it was for anyone other than Obama, I think the comments would be markedly different.

  24. Caroline!

    I pledge to support positive Christian values regardless of the person or people promoting them.

  25. Caroline!

    "The weirdest and most disturbing part happens at the 3:18 mark."It would appear that that was played for comedy.

  26. Greg

    I am a member of a covenant where I have sworn to reject satan, and all his works, and all his empty promises.Between the attack on life and the attack on marriage, it's not too hard to figure out what our enemy sees as the threat.Counter attack! Pray the rosary for the conversion of sinners! Charge!

  27. ldkcel

    I was not surprised to see that this was produced by Oprah's company. I felt like clicking my heels together and shouting "Ziek Heil" when the picture shifted to the Obama mosaic. I resent having the "non-judgemental" beutiful people preach to me. Especially when their message is so vapid.

  28. karen

    To whoever said "I pledge to be a voice for those who have no voice" I wonder if this means she is pro-life and pledges to end abortion….And I think the weirdest part was when Demi and Ashton pledged to become a servant of Barack Obama….aren't they already?

  29. adamtrek

    Somebody should do one with celebrities edited cleverly to make it look like a 2005 video for G.W. Bush. But the words would be absolutely identical except for the bicep self-loving guy. It would be Bruce Willis saying Bush instead.Just to freak out the libs.

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