1. Mrs. O'Riordan

    I'd seen this before Patrick and told my son about it but couldn't remember where I'd seen it!! – head like a sieve – too many Minotaur moments!! I just showed it to him – he nearly got sick laughing. – Bless you Patrick, me owl' flower – Rene

  2. johnkgibson

    Patrick,the Geneva convention specifically prohibits the use of mythical beasts in interrogation.

  3. Just another mad Catholic

    johnkgibson The Geneva conventio doesn't prohibit interrigators from threatening to use mythical creatures in interrogation

  4. mrteachersir

    Even under the strictest definition of torture, getting torn limb from limb and having your spine added to the minotaur's spine pile isn't torture…its nature. That's what minotaurs do. they rip people's arms off, and dismember them. I suppose next you are going to say that Christians being fed to the lions is torture too?

  5. Steven

    If we make minotaurs illegal, only the terrorists will have minotaurs.

  6. Snerticus

    Ahhh, c'mon… if we make Minotaurs illegal, people will just find an illegal way to import them and we'll be overrun in no time. You know the argument. ;-P

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