Catholic Grocery Store Owner Under Attack for Displaying Crucifix

My friend Richard Lane brought this irksome story to my attention, and so I now bring it to yours:

“It startled me. It seemed so out of place” was the comment of a patron of the new downtown Schnucks Grocery Store in St. Louis, Missouri. While driving to work this morning, my wife and I were listening to commentary KMOX Radio on this issue and then I went online to get the story from St. Louis Today Website.

Basically the person who felt the Crucifix was ‘out of place’, (also was Jewish – I am in no means insinuating that all Jewish brothers and sisters feel this way) went out of their way to write a letter to their local Jewish Newspaper on this issue complaining about what many say is the ‘obvious symbol of not just Christianity, but Roman Catholicism, since the dying Corpus of Christ was placed on a Cross. Obviously people are disapproving of this display of someone’s faith, Culinaria (Store) Manager Tom Collora, Jr., who is a parishioner at the Old Cathedral, located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

“It’s bad taste and bad business. Who wants to (shop) where someone else’s faith is being pushed down your throat?” were the comments from an Atheist who lives next to the store. Personally, if this Atheist was so loyal to his cause, then he should not be using United States Currency, which displays this Country’s Faith… but this is not the point in my opinion.

What Mr. Collora has done, is answer the call of the New Evangelization, specifically the Mandate of Christ to ‘Go an make disciples’ by sharing our Faith; by sharing the Salvific Message of the Corpus of the Messiah on the Cross, which is not a sign of exclusion, but the opposite; this is the Glorious Sign of Inclusion into the Body (all pun intended) of Christ, who was ‘lifted up’, suffered, died and rose three days later in Triumph over death.

According to Pope Paul VI; the Roman Catholic Church exists so that She may Evangelize, taking the Eternal Message of Salvation to every end of the earth, every Home, Hamlet and Hovel; every Town, City, State, Country and Territory; Our (Roman Catholics) mission is to share the GOOD NEWS of Salvation through Jesus Christ to all mankind… and as Christ told us; “Do not be afraid!”

As one who has given up a secular life to continue to proclaim the Gospel, I applaud Mr. Collora and wish the other 1 Billion Catholics around the World would imitate his example. . . . (continue reading)


  1. Kindred Spirit

    "As they have persecuted Me, they will persecute you." "He who confesses Me before men, I will confess before My Father." "Your reward will be very great in Heaven." The loss of customers and revenue: so little to pay for so much!

  2. Fenian

    When this story broke in St. Louis, the comments section of the local newspaper was full of bigotry and crazy-talk. Then again, it is everyday, just more amplified this time.

  3. Dan C

    I am originally from New York and pictures of the Virgin, various saints, Crosses and Crucifixes are all over the mom and pop stores and deli's. What's the big deal? If I go to a deli owned by an Orthodox Jew does he have to take off hi yarmulke to serve me?

  4. M. G. Hysell

    Geez…secularists are such whiners.

  5. Liam Ronan

    If I go to a deli and the Jewish proprietor is selling kosher food is that pushing Judaism down my throat? (no pun intended)

  6. donaldcwhite

    Satan uses people and their bigotry to fight against God! This is just one of billions of his attacks using vacuous minds. JMJF

  7. doctoreric

    The original complaint came from a Jewish woman with whom I went to school in St. Louis. She was never happy unless she was complaining about something.

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