Sole Video Footage of Anne Frank Posted Online

I read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was a freshman in high school and was deeply moved by it. I’ve never heard of anyone who read it and was not similarly moved. The teenager’s two-year account of hiding from the Nazis with her parents and other family members and friends in a secret apartment in Holland for over two years was cut short on August 4, 1944, when she and the other Jews who were in hiding were betrayed, arrested, and deported to Auschwitz. Anne perished soon afterward in the death camp.

Until now, I only knew Anne through the pages of her Diary and in the few pictures of her that I’ve seen. But today, I ran across a newly released, brief video clip of her which news sources say is “the only footage of Anne Frank ever recorded . . .”

The video, uploaded by the Anne Frank House of Amsterdam on Wednesday, depicts the front of an apartment building where Frank’s family lived on July 22, 1941, roughly a year before her family went into hiding in a secret apartment.

Frank is seen on video leaning out of the second-floor window of her Amsterdam home to get a glimpse of her neighbor, who is getting married. . . . (continue)

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