1. sewmelody

    If the idea of more DMV-like experiences doesn't wake Americans up, nothing will…lol. Thanks for posting this. Funny and yet terribly…unfunny.

  2. Susan L

    Patrick, maybe it's because I'm tired but I need some clarification. Are you saying that you agree with Will Farrell? (I really hope not)

  3. Just another mad Catholic

    Sorry Patrick but as a Brit, I reccomend that you Americans JUST SAY NO to government run healthcare, your system may not be perfect but its better than ours, of course I would prefer a healthcare system which was avaliable to all but thanks to Henry VIII et al its not the case. Also remember that the government that is big enough to give you all you want can also take it away.

  4. riggy

    The sad thing is big buisness is stopping the public plan. No matter how many of us want it, and no matter how much sense it makes!! As long as big buis. keeps feeding the pockets of these mostly republican politicians there will be NO public insurance. The plan would only do two things. One is provide a balance against inflated premiums and coverage costs that are set by the private sector, and two take massive amounts of income away from a very few people( ceo's and high ranking execs. at those companys). That would help balance the entire insurance industry. As, the majority of Americans want a public plan we will never see it do to the money rule…

  5. Patrick Madrid

    JustAnother, no need to be sorry. What you're saying is something we here in the US have known for a long time. We've only had to watch in bemusement what has been inflicted on your folks in the UK by Big Government. Bummer, man. Not only do I hope it doesn't happen here, I hope you're able to turn things around over there. I really do.Susan, sorry for any confusion. I definitely do not agree with Will Farrell. That's what I posted this response video, as it mocks his video quite effectively, I think.Riggy, while Big Business (whatever that is) may be trying to block Dear Leader's new health care initiative, lots of regular, rank-and-file people are also opposed to aspects of it. So don't imagine that it's just faceless, greedy "corporations" who don't like it. Plenty of individual human beings don't like it either.

  6. Joe Heschmeyer

    I think the confusion was with "former" and "latter" in the original post. When you criticized the "latter" video, you meant the Will Ferrell original video (which you'd mentioned second), but Susan and I both originally read it as chronologically latter.

  7. Susan L

    Riggy, taking money from the selected few you mentioned wouldn't come close to balancing the industry. Nor is it morally right. I don't think that most Americans want the public option. I'm not a rich person and I can tell you that I would fight it. Having the govt run my health insurence is downright scary.

  8. Patrick Madrid

    My meaning followed the order of my first sentence: "This video [former] is in response to this video [latter]."Sorry for any confusion on that point.

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