1. Larry

    I especially like the lightsaber it comes with.PS. You guys are all nuts!Cheers…

  2. Howard

    A real keyboard is both more dependable and gives a tactile feedback that this could not.

  3. Chris

    I think this thing is freakin awesome! Tell me why this keyboard couldn't give tactile feedback; don't both the IPhone and the MyTouch vibrate when the virtual keys are pressed… I believe they do sir!

  4. zahra

    Is this really real???

  5. Richard

    All I can say it it's real cool and I want one… As fo all of you that are knocking it… All I can say it DON"T BUY ONE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT… Leave the future to those of us that can apprerciate it and go back to your model T's.

  6. airline pilot

    how much????

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